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Waste to Energy Policies and Challenges
Dr Shardul Kulkarni, Principal Energy - TSMG
Overcoming the Obstacles in Waste to Energy Projects in India: A Systems Engineering Approach
Mohd Sahil Ali, Research Economist - CSTEP
Waste to Energy : Needed Policy Perspective
K Appi Reddy, Project Head-WTE - Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited
Municipal Solid Waste - Not a Nuisance to be got Rid of Promptly but a Valuable Resource
K S Shivaprasad, Managing Director - Trimex
Lowering the Carbon Footprint in Industry
Surendra K Saxena, Professor and Director - Trimex
Issues & Barriers with Waste to Energy in India
K Srinivasa Rao, Head Business Development - Hitachi Zosen India Pvt Ltd
Gas Fermentation: A New Approach to Producing Sustainable Fuels & Chemicals
Sangeet Jain, GM - LanzaTech
Recent Advancements in Biomass Gasification A Sustainable Alternative for Energy
Dr N K S Rajan, Principal Research Scientist - Combustion, Gasification & Propulsion Laboratory (CGPL)
Biomass Gasification and Distributed Power Generation for Sustainable Economic Development
Ashok Chaudhuri, Sr General Manager - Business Development - Ankur Scientific Energy Technology Pvt Ltd
Waste to Energy : An Integrated Approach the Italian Experience
Naresh Bhagat, President - LeLogix Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Bio Conversion of Septic Tank Residues to Organic Manure and Control of Mosquitoes and
Maggots in Septic Tanks - Case Study in Goa
Dr Venkatesh Devanur, CEO - Agri Life
The Challenge of Value Addition to Municipal Solid Waste
Asit Nema, Founder - Foundation for Greentech Environmental Systems
Towards a Zero Waste Britannia (Resource, Recovery & Reuse Research to Implementation)
Nandan Bhatia, Head - Administration & Facilities - Britannia Industries Limited
Role of Civic Society in Crowd Sourcing Waste Management
Robinder Sachdev, President - Imagindia
Determining Biomass in Blended Alternative Fuels Using Radiocarbon Dating
Andrew Pal, Head of India Operations - Beta lab Services