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India is the world's 6th largest consumer of energy with current consumption of 17.3 billion litres per year of gasoline. Demand is expected to grow 8.5% every year till 2020. Assuming a barrel of crude oil costs USD 100, India will spend USD 19.4 billion on importing gasoline by 2020.

With growing government support and demand for renewable and sustainable energy supplies for the future, demand is greater than ever and the potential in this industry sector continues to encourage an evolution of new processing methods and technologies to leverage the industries opportunities and current project developments. This brings Mission Energy Foundation to organise the second international summit Waste-to-Energy. During the two days speakers shall discuss the latest technologies, challenges and developments in this fast paced industry sector.

The international summit will bring together a panel of industry experts to investigate the implications of the Waste Strategy Review and how the regulatory and political frameworks will govern and encourage the industry sector's future development. The conference will also focus on commercial opportunities that continue to exist and emerge from energy from waste and the regulatory and political frameworks which govern and encourage the industry sector's development. The aim of the conference is to provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from experts from all aspects of the industry and discuss most important issues in this field through a mix of case studies and presentations.

The conference gives speakers the platform to focus on the current developments, technologies, strategies and challenges facing the industry sector into the future. This is a growth market sector with significant opportunities for development as private companies, organisations and government officials are working to develop more efficient and sustainable energy solutions for companies and cities. It seeks to help delegates from the private and public sector to better understand and assess the current role and future commercial, economic as well as technical potential of energy from waste.
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