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We at Mission Energy Foundation are extremely grateful for your presence and look forward hosting you again the next year with much larger gathering at   


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We at ASHTECH take special care in understanding the client's needs. Customers have come to count on our expertise and our willingness to work in total co-operation towards maximum & optimum benefit out of usage of Fly Ash and allied products.



MAHAGENCO is committed to expanding the generation capacity to meet the ever-growing power supply need of Maharashtra. The company is implementing a huge capacity addition programme. It generates power for more than 1,50,00,000 end consumers in Maharashtra at economical and affordable rates. MAHAGENCO is an eco-friendly power generating company and has received certification under ISO:14001 and ISO:18001 for its major power stations at Chandrapur, Koradi, Khaperkheda, Nasik, Paras, Parli and at Koyna and Uran power stations also.



NTPC is India’s largest energy conglomerate with roots planted way back in 1975 to accelerate power development in India. Since then it has established itself as the dominant power major with presence in the entire value chain of the power generation business. From fossil fuels it has forayed into generating electricity via hydro, nuclear and renewable energy sources. This foray will play a major role in lowering its carbon footprint by reducing green house gas emissions. To strengthen its core business, the corporation has diversified into the fields of consultancy, power trading, training of power professionals, rural electrification, ash utilisation and coal mining as well.

NTPC became a Maharatna company in May 2010, one of the only four companies to be awarded this status. NTPC ranked 492nd in the ‘2019, Forbes Global 2000’ ranking of the World’s biggest companies.



MASA is a 113 year old company with its roots in Germany which specialises in the design and production of plants and machinery for the building materials industry. Under the MASA trade mark, production facilities in Germany are supported by our sales companies all over the world.

MASA has transformed from a small business machinery company to a premier global provider. There is pride in that achievement. But we also know that this success was only possible because we stayed loyal to the principles of our company: Reliable technology engineered in Germany, First class quality, and a Business partnership with our customers.


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NEPTUNE Being 25 Years’ Experienced Indian Company Always Plays An Important Role In Bringing Globally Latest Technology At Cost Effective Proposition Through Our Joint Venture Partners. NEPTUNE Has Sucessfully Executed Several Turnkey Projects And Supplied Plants & Equipment For Ceramic Industries Like Sanitary Wares, Electro Porcelain Insulators, Refractory, Table Wares, Technical Ceramics,Clay And Minerals.


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KRAFT CURING controls and optimizes the concrete curing process with a precisely calculated amount of air, heat and humidity. Equipment from the Germany-based manufacturer makes concrete products stronger, more durable and aesthetically pleasing. KRAFT's curing systems save a producer time (higher early strength) and money (less cement and energy, shorter storage).

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Tackling climate change is impossible without reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, especially coal. The problem is, coal is cheap and developing economies like India prefer low-cost fuel sources.
Coal-fired plants generate 72% of India’s electricity. This, combined with the growth of coal-consuming industrial sectors like steel, is why the solid fuel source will continue to be integral to India’s economy in the next couple of decades. This is despite the government’s ambitious plans to increase generation of renewable energy.
India was the world’s second largest producer of coal in 2018; producing a tenth of the world’s coal and also being the second largest coal importer in the world.
The Indian government has been pushing for a target of 1.5 billion tonnes of coal production annually by 2020, most of which will be used in the power sector. In this context, current issues—status, policies, regulations, and bottlenecks—regarding the disposal of fly ash generated by thermal power plants are to be examined.
Electricity generation is responsible for two-thirds of India’s coal consumption with ~35% FLY ASH CONTENTS in Indian coal. 

FLY ASH, the end product of combustion during the process of power generation in the coal based thermal power plants, is a proven resource material for many applications of construction industries and currently is being utilized in manufacturing of Portland Cement, bricks/blocks/tiles manufacturing, road embankment construction and low-lying area development, etc.

At present, 63% of the fly ash is being utilised and target is for 100% utilisation of the fly ash. There is need for education and awareness generation.

Road contractors and construction engineers need to know the benefits of using fly ash in construction.

Measures need to be taken to reduce the cost of construction of roads using fly ash by way of tax structure, subsidies and transportation services.

Besides, there is a need to prevent the ash from coming to the power plant by washing the coal at its place of origin.

The government should also come out with a policy to encourage fly ash use in cement plant.

As far as the mode of utilisation was concerned, the CEA’s report indicates that the utilisation of fly ash is the highest in the cement sector with 24.04% of the total fly ash used, followed by bricks and tiles at 7.37 per cent. The concrete industry segment has the lowest level of utilisation at 0.6 %

For the purposes of quantitative analysis, 951 MT of cement production and 1,340 MT of coal in electricity generation by 2030 have been considered. At average ash content in coal of 33%, this implies that the annual fly ash generation by 2030 will be approximately 437 MT. If the current trends in utilisation of flyash were to continue, overall the utilisation will tune up to 310 MT by 2030, with cement’s share in utilisation, as a percentage of total fly ash generated, increasing from 25% to 35% by 2030. While cement’s fly ash requirement will grow fourfold, to 151 MT in 2030, approximately 128 MT of fly ash will still remain unutilised. This will require an additional 2,300 hectares of land and 1.3 billion cubic metres of water for ash ponds, exacerbating the existing problems concerning fly ash disposal. 

Need of the hour:

Conduct more research on improving the quality of fly ash, grading fly ash generated by different technologies and types of coal, and feasible blending ratios for the cement industry. 

The BIS must update the blending standards, which have not been revised since 2000. 

Improve transparency and reduce the costs of fly ash disposal by Coal power plants. 

Limit fly ash production
through greater deployment of renewable energy sources, using better coal and combustion techniques, etc, since cement-related industries alone will not be able to absorb all the fly ash generated in the future 

The key requirements for overcoming the barriers are greater regulatory oversight and price control, revision of cement blending standards, research in improving fly ash quality, reducing cost of transportation, provisions for overcoming information asymmetries, and overall sensitisation of key decision-makers on the matter

The issues which impede its full-scale utilization in India:

Indian fly ash is primarily of the calcareous or class C variety, implying that it possesses not only pozzolanic, but also hydraulic (self-cementing) properties. In contrast, European fly ash is of a silicious or class F variety, implying an absence of hydraulic properties. 

BIS revised the maximum and minimum blending standards. While the BIS is in line with the American standards on blended cement, the European and South African standards allow the blending of fly ash up to 55%. 

The pricing of fly ash is increasingly becoming a contentious issue that is hampering its gainful utilisation. 

Imperfections typical of quasi-markets, such as information asymmetry and high transaction costs, vested interests, technical and technological limitations, and the lack of regulatory oversight and political will, have impeded the flow of fly ash to its most value-adding use.


Mission Energy Foundation suggested several policies and regulations—ranging from tighter air pollution standards and efficient technology to developing policy framework for managing waste products—to improve the sector. The results of Mission Energy Foundation’s study and its recommendations spurred a wide public debate and, over the last few years, the government announced a series of draft regulations and policies to help improve the sector’s performance. Both coal-based electricity and cement are crucial inputs to economic growth; their substitutability is limited due to various factors, discussions regarding which are beyond the scope of this article are being discussed at various forums of Mission Energy Foundation.

The 9th edition FLY ASH UTILISATION 2020; is intended to provide a forum to meet and discuss the science and applications for coal ash and to transfer knowledge and ideas that will benefit their innovative utilization, processing, handling, storage, transportation and disposal.
Scenarios of ash generation and utilisation shall be presented by the industry experts alongside key technical, regulatory, pricing, logistical, and behavioural issues that shall be addressed to reach complete fly ash utilisation during the two days of value packed session at FLY ASH UTILISATION 2020.

FLY ASH UTILISATION 2020 is scheduled on 27 - 28 February 2020 at IHCL SeleQtions ( Cidade de Goa ) - GOA; which is expected to attract participants worldwide focusing on the business, logistics and technical challenges and opportunities in the coal combustion by-products sector. The two day of 360 degree technical discussions will be packed with multiple networking opportunities among regional and international guests.

Why Attend FLY ASH UTILISATION - 2020?


9th Annual Conference

Religiously & dedicateldy have given 12 years to the nation with 8 events on fly ash utilisaion creating forums of discission; exchange of ideas; sharing practical experiences; govt. advocacies and networking opportunities to professionals and businesses worldwide.


Recoganising Efforts

Over the years have honoured hundreds of innovative developments and solutions for excellence and sustainability among the utilities, small or large, who have demonstrated their efforts in better utilisation of fly ash.


Team Building

BOX Cricket Tournament is not just average team building activity. Its desidned for thinkers and doers.



Regulators & Policy Makers
Senior Executives of Steel, Power, Cement and Mining
Utilities and Power Producers
Industries Bodies and Business Chambers 
Research Institutes & Academia
Technocrats & Consultants

Logistic Companies & Suppliers
Fly Ash Handling Experts
Fly ash by-product Producers
Construction and Real Estate Companies
Scientists and Faculty 
Slug & Slurry Handlers

The TEAM at Mission Energy Foundation is working to give you another the best experince and takes privilege to announce it yet another initiative for the power sector with its 9th edition of FLY ASH UTILISATION - 2020; which again intends to provide a forum to meet and discuss the science and applications to better utilise FLY ASH. 


See you at GOA...


Abu Construction
ACB (India) Limited
ACC Limited 
Acid Chem Corporation Ltd 
Adani Power Limited 
Aditya Birla Group 
Ador Powertron Limited 
AE Coal Technologies
AMEA Power 
Annai Hi Power Bricks 
Annamalai University 
Ash Improvement Technology Inc. 
Ashkings Enterprises 
Ashtech India 
Asian Brick Works 
Asian Concretes & Cements Pvt. Ltd. 
Bajaj Energy Limited 
Bajaj Hindustan Limited 
Balkishna Industires Ltd 
BASF India Ltd 
BauMineral GmbH 
Beijing Huanengda Electric Power
Benton Engineering
Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd. 
Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam
Bhawalkar Vermitech Pvt Ltd 
BHEL Trichy 
Binani Cement Ltd 
Birla Corporation Limited 
BLA Industries Pvt Ltd 
Bokaro Power Supply Company Limited 
Breton S.p.A 
Brooking India 
Bureau of Indian Standards
C R & Associates 
Capital Blocks and Pavers 
Carbon Minus India 
CDE Asia Limited 
Cement Manufacture Co Ltd 
Cement Manufacturers Association 
Central Electricity Authority 
Central Pollution Control Board 
Chemical Terminal Trombay Ltd CSPGCL
CLP India Private Limited 
Coal Preparation Society of India 
Costal Gujarat Power Limited 
Counto Equipments 
Creative Industries 
Dalmia Bharat Limited 
Damodar Valley Corporation 
Debashis Maiti 
Deccan Cements Ltd 
Deeaar Group 
Deepak Fertilisers & Petrochemical Department of Environmental Studies
Department of Science & Technology 
Design & Development India Pvt. Ltd 
Design Spheres 
Dev International 
Development Alternatives 
Devesh Bhatt & Co 
Dhariwal Infrastructure Limited 
Dirk India Pvt Ltd 
DIRK Phoenix Pvt Ltd 
Ecofly Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd 
Ecologic Building Systems Pvt Ltd 
Electrotherm (India) Ltd 
EMCO Energy ltd 
Endeavour Intelligent Equipments Engineers Enterprises 
Essar Power Gujarat Limited 
Essar Power Hazira Limited 
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Goodwill Flyash Bricks 
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Govt. of Goa 
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Govt. of Pondicherry 
Gowrishankar Flyash Bricks

Grasim Industries Ltd
Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited 
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Gujarat Mineral Development Corp
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers
Gujarat State Electricity Corp
Gupta Vecor India Pvt. Ltd. 
Hare Krishna Metallics(P)Ltd 
Harris School, University of Chicago 
Haryana Power Generation Corp
HESS India Pvt Ltd 
High Flyash Cluster Pvt. Ltd. 
HIL Limited 
Hindalco Industries Limited 
Hinduja National Power Corp Ltd. 
Hindustan Mittal Energy Limited 
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Holtec Consulting Private Limited HUDCO
HPCL-Mittal Energy Ltd 
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IL&FS Tamil Nadu Power Company 
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India Glycols Ltd 
Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys Limited 
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Jayaswal NECO Industries Ltd 
JAYCEE Buildcorp LLP 
Jayem Manufaturing Company 
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Jhajjar Power Limited 
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Jindal India Thermal Power Limited 
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Our aim is to deliver you an event that exceeds your expectations, thus becoming an integrated part of your annual marketing program.

Sponsoring this FLY ASH UTILISATION- 2020 will make your company stand out as a leader in this burgeoning industry and will leave a strong impression of your brand in key decision makers minds. Sponsors have an incredible amount of presence and it will not only give your company optimum exposure but also the opportunity for delegates to meet you and your executives to find out more about your role and business opportunities in the sector.

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NETWORKING with the industries leading Government Officials, Senior Level Delegates and Experts
Achieve GREATER EXPOSURE and BRAND BUILDING through our partners and much more

To Sponsor FLY ASH UTILISATION- 2020, contact:
Shri S Dalvi - President Partnerships & Legal Counsel / +91 9769310944

Table of Sponsorship Options -With Benefits Details as below



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INR 245000 / USD 3950

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Presentation and Paper Submission

The Programme Committee encourages you to send abstracts/papers. The abstract must not exceed 8 pages for oral presentation with tables and illustrations. Abstracts/papers will only be accepted in electronic form (MS Word) to be submitted online at or sent by email to

The deadline for abstracts/papers submission is 31 January 2020.

+91 98209 24844   l   NIKHIL@MISSIONENERGY.ORG

Fly Ash Utilisation AWARDS - 2020

The Fly Ash Utilisation Awards 2020 will again be presented to utilities and its services sector who demonstrate highest level of commitment and best practice in utilisation of FLY ASH. Over the years the awards have its aim to recognize exemplary operations, systems and the evidence of their impact to business vitality. The awards serve as a catalyst to understanding the intrinsic value of environment management in business excellence and sustainability.

This year Fly Ash Utilisation Awards shall honour innovative developments and solutions for excellence and sustainability among the utilities, small or large, who have demonstrated their efforts in better utilisation of fly ash for the years to come ahead...

Mission Energy Foundation invites nominations from companies and their units having strong concern and commitment for fly ash utilisation and is willing to improve their own performance.



Encourage & motivate to adopt best practices and become role models for others to emulate.

Encourage implementation of strategies for improvement in operations standards.


Reflects your commitment to Environment Protection & enhances your corporate status and image.

Boosts morale of concerned employees and stakeholders, motivating management and staff of the organization to excel.


All Large, Medium, Small Scale TPPs / CPP / Service Sector Companies / Organizations and their units; Academic Institutions are eligible for participation for FLY ASH UTILISATION AWARD 2020

Nomination Fee

INR 26500 + 18% GST
Per Nomination Per Selected Category

Eligible to nominate one participant for CONFERENCE per selected award nomination


1. Submit Nomination

Apply Online and make the payment.

Submit completed application along with relevant information and we shall contact for softcopy of documents.

If interested in applying for more than one unit / projects of same company or more than one location, separate request for application and fee should be submitted for each nomination.

2. Selection Procedure

Evaluation of nominations for Environment Excellenc Awards is an intensive process. Nominations are evaluated by experts from Government, Academia and Industry.

Preliminary evaluation of shortlisted nominations. Power point presentation with original documents by all short-listed nominee company/ units in presence of Jury Members constituted by Mission Energy Foundation (if required). Site visit of short-listed companies/units (if required).

3. Award Presentation

Relax, wait for the winner announcement day and watch your inbox. If your nominated company/ units have demonstrated highest level of commitment and best practice towads Fly Ash Utilisation Awards you shall be recognised and honoured.

The Winners of Fly Ash Utilisation Awards shall be honoured on the second day of the conference i.e., 29 February 2020.


1100 Hrs Nomination Opens

1700 Hrs Nomination Closes

1630 Hrs Winners Shall be awarded

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BOX Cricket Tournament

It doesn't matter whether you know Cricket or not, this activity is just as engaging for a Cricket novice as it is for a passionate veteran. As a team building activity, it checks all the points; Strategy, change management, playing to your skills, competitive analysis, risk vs reward and more.

To increase the focus on enhancing coordination and productivity among the individuals within the team that thereby increasing output for an organisation for serving this purpose; thus, Mission Energy Foundation takes this opportunity to organise “BOX Cricket Tournament” this year during the FLY ASH UTILISATION 2020.




8 Teams - 8 Players per Team

Participants need to apply during their registrations, teams will be selected / shortlisted by the organisers on various criteria’s set by them

If 4 or more participants are found interested in participating in BOX Cricket Tournament are from the same organisation; then they are eligible to be in a one team and also choose their captain

Necessary cricket gears will be provided by the organisers

Decision of the organisers if final and binding to all.



Online Registration

To participate as Delegates /  nominate for AWARDS / be a Speaker / book a EXPO, fill and submit online form from the links below.


Receive Invoice

We will email you an invoice along with necessary required documents for processing the payment. The original invoice shall be sent to your postal address.


Make Payment

Make online payment via our secured payment gateway using your Credit Card or Bank Transfer or send Cheque / DD to our postal address.

DELEGATE Registration

Indian Delegate:
INR 22500 Per Delegate
+ 18% GST

Overseas Delegate:
USD 550 Per Delegate

Group Discount
5% for 3+ participants
10% for 7+ participants

SPEAKER Registration

Indian Speaker:
INR 32500 Per Speaker
+ 18% GST

Overseas Speaker:
USD 750 Per Speaker

AWARD Nomination

Indian Company:
INR 26500 Per Category
+ 18% GST

Overseas Company:
USD 750 Per Categories

Category Discount
5% for 2+ categories
10% for 5+ categories

Cidade de Goa - IHCL SeleQtions

A few minutes from Panjim, past verdant paths, and on Vainguinim beach, await intimate alcoves, overhanging balcaos, historic murals, a backyard beach, and the friendliest hosts. Simply, Goa in a resort.

Designed as a Portuguese hamlet, with a Mediterranean influence, by world-renowned architect Charles Correa, Cidade de Goa is a blend of luxury, warmth, and the laidback elegance of susegad. It embodies the heart of Goa, both in terms of location and vibe.


The Organisation

Mission Energy Foundation is a persistent, private, not-for-profit endeavour based in Mumbai, India. We are registered under sec 25 (1), 80G & 12AA respectively.


Mission Energy Foundation is a micro-enterprise initiative that strives to spread knowledge in the globalising energy sector. We educate and spread technology awareness through ongoing contacts and discussions with the public and industry concerning what the future of the growing energy sector should be...


The Begining

A single man army with its mission to build platforms of discussion, exchange knowledge among industry professionals on core issues pertaining to growing energy sector.


A human asset working together as one endeavour that expertise in organising and delivering successful international summits involving who's who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally.


27th February 2020


Introduction to FLY ASH UTILISATION 2020
Shri Ashwinkumar Khatri, DG - Mission Energy Foundation

Key Note Address
Shri Bankat Mandhania, Director - Ashtech India
Shri Purushottam Jadhav, Director Mining & MD - MAHAGAMS

Chief Guest's Welcome Address
Shri Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister - Govt. of Goa
Shri Nilesh Cabral, Minister Energy - Govt. of Goa

10:00 - 11:00


11:30 - 13:00 PANEL DISCUSSION

Key Trends, Regularity Policy Uncertainty & Scope of Improvement.


Smt Sanchita Jindal, Former Adviser (Scientist G) - MoEF
Shri Karthik Ganesan, Research Fellow - CEEW
Shri Prashant Kokil, Head Corp. Env. & Climate Change - Tata Power
Shri Divyesh Thakkar, Head Fly Ash Utilization - Adani Power

11:30 - 13:00


14:00 - 16:00 Alteration in Coal Combustion Residue due to Implementation of Emission Control systems and other Case Study “A power plant Perspective”.


Shri Prashant Kokil, Head Corp. Env.& Climate Change - Tata Power
Shri Purushottam Jadhav, Director Mining & MD - MAHAGAMS
Shri Divyesh Thakkar, Head Fly Ash Utilization - Adani Power
Shri Rajiv Satyakam, Addl Gen Manager-NETRA - NTPC limited

14:00 - 16:00

Alteration in Coal Combustion Residue due to Implementation of Emission Control systems and other Case Study “A power plant Perspective”.

28th February 2020


Ash Disposal & Utilisations for environment conservation.


Shri Prasad Rao, President - Ashtech India
Shri Abraj Vettuparampali, Managing Director - MASA India
Dr. Asokan Pappu, Sr. Principal Scientist - AMPRI (CSIR)
Shri Purushottam Jadhav, Director Mining & MD - MAHAGAMS
Shri Sushil Choudhury, Head Infrastructure/Civil - GMR Kamalanga Energy Limited



12:00 - 13:00 Utilisations of fly Ash in Cement Sector


Dr. S K Handoo, Advisor (Technical) - My Home Industries Pvt Ltd
Shri Ramachandra V, Sr. Vice President / Shri Awadhesh Singh, Sr. Vice President - UltraTech Cement Ltd

12:00 - 13:00

Utilisations of fly Ash in Cement Sector

14:00 - 17:30 Fly Ash Economies and Ash Handling Infrastructure.


Shri Mohan A Patil, Senior Director (Resource Conservation & Management) - FICCI
Shri Prasad Rao, President - Ashtech India
Shri Abraj Vettuparampali, Managing Director - MASA India
Shri Dattatreya Ghosh, Country Manager SAARC - ROTHO
Shri Chandresh Parmar, Dy. GM - Neptune Industries Ltd.
Shri Uday Bhawalkar, Director - Bhawalkar Vermitech Pvt Ltd
Shri Daniel Rafter & Shri Atul Singh - Regional Sales Manager - Kraft Curing systems GMBH

14:00 - 16:00

Fly Ash Economies and Ash Handling Infrastructure.

17:30 - 18:00 FLY ASH UTILISATION AWARDS 2020 – The Ceremony

Today, the Fly Ash Utilisation Awards 2020 will be presented to power producing units demonstrating highest level of commitment to utilisation of fly ash covering Thermal Power Plants and services sector who demonstrate highest level of commitment and best practice.

16:00 - 16:30




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