FlyAsh is a major issue because electricity generation in the country would remain predominantly coal-based for a couple of coming decades. The coal being made available to thermal power stations has ash content in relatively large proportions. Below are the facts of data received from 88 (Eighty eight) coal/ lignite based thermal power stations of various power utilities in the country during the year 2010-12.

  • Total installed capacity:       80458 MW
  • Coal consumed:                  407.61 million-tonne
  • Average ash content:           32.16%
  • Total ash generated:           131.09 million-tonne
  • Total ash utilised:                73.13 million-tonne
  • Percentage utilisation:         55.79%

A large number of technologies have been developed for gainful utilization and safe management of fly ash under the concerted efforts of Fly Ash Mission of the GOI since 1994. As a result, the utilization of fly ash has increased to over 73 million tonne in 2010-12. Fly ash was moved from “hazardous industrial waste” to “waste material” category during the year 2000 and during November 2009, it became a saleable commodity. Fly ash utilization has started gaining acceptance, it being 55.79% during 2010-12. Present generation of fly ash from coal based thermal power plants in India is 131 MT/year and it is expected to increase to 300-400 MT/year by 2016-17.

Fly ash has acquired the status of a “useful commodity” which opens up plenty of opportunities in terms of laying & fine tuning policies, conducting gainful businesses and R&D efforts, and addressing the concerns of environment at the same time. We achieved the highest level of fly ash utilization of 63% in 2009-10 and it was about 56% in 2010-12. However, it would require a lot of efforts to reach the target of 100% ash utilization. To attain this Mission Energy Foundation, a persistent, private, not-for-profit endeavour that strives to spread knowledge in the globalising energy sector; in strong support from varied Indian Ministries is proud to announce its 2nd International summit FLYASH Utilisation 2013.

FLYASH Utilisation 2012 is scheduled for 17th & 18th January 2013 at NDCC II Convention Centre, NDMC Complex, New Delhi.

FLYASH Utilisation 2013 is currently under development of a strong leadership of an advisory board consisting energy experts from all topical areas. The mission is to gather leaders to share information on technology innovations and solution development and serve a good purpose to guide further strategies that all stakeholders can evolve to turn the “menace” into a “meaningful” engagement and utilisation of fly ash in our country.

Many sessions will offer continuing knowledge in resource assessment, technological appropriateness, economic feasibility, venture capital investment for Coal/Lignite Based thermal and its Fly Ash Utilisation plants across the country.
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