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The National conference would bring to the fore on one hand the cascading effect of the fast growing power sector resulting in large volumes of fly ash, and on the other hand the well demonstrated and proven solutions that fly ash and its products provide for mine stowing / backfilling and stabilization / a forestation of OB dumps. Bulk transportation & conveying of fly ashes as well as Statutory and Policy aspects including MoEF notification of 3rd November 2009 making use of fly ash mandatory in back filling of open cast mines & stowing of fly ash in underground mines would also be the focus of the conference.

The use of fly ash technologies and products in different sectors would not only overcome the raw material shortage situations but would help to augment the production, reduce the cost and make operations more eco-friendly and sustainable.

The major part of the conference is designed to have case-studies, techno-economic feasibilities, practical issues, impediments and their possible solutions to facilitate mining and power sector to harness the advantages of use of fly ash.

Senior bureaucrats, policy makers, technocrats, field engineers, planners, scientists, academicians, regulators and environmentalists would deliberate the issues thread ware.

The country's dependence on coal for power generation has not changed. Thus, fly ash management is a cause of concern for the future.

The areas of concern during the summit shall include:

  • Improving the collection efficiency of the ESP & of quality of fly ash generated.
  • Need for development and implementation of systems for collection of classified fly ash, certification of its quality for value addition and bulk environment friendly transportation options.
  • Need for development of schemes for collection of dry bottom ash and its effective utilization.
  • Need to develop energy efficient ash slurry pumps capable of handling dense ash slurry.
  • Open trucks are used to transport fly ash for manufacture of building products. There is a need to develop efficient bulk transportation options for supply of fly ash from power plant to the end user.
  • Back filling of worked Open cast mines with fly ash alone or with fly ash and over burden.
  • Transportation, conveying and handling of fly ashes.
  • Utilization of fly ash in agriculture.
  • Utilization of fly ash in construction industry
  • Fly ash bricks/blocks, hollow blocks/light weight blocks for construction of 6. Ventilation stoppings, Roof support etc.
  • Fly Ash Management
  • Safety and sustainability.
  • Statutory aspects including notifications of MoEF, sand subsidy related matters etc.
  • Environment conservation.
  • Bio-remediation of mine spoils.
  • Technologies development in Fly ash.
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