cemWHR - 2021

Virtual Conference + Expo + Awards
3 - 4 June 2021, ONLINE

The Indian cement industry is keen to adopt WHRB systems in a big way. The technical specialization within the Indian cement industry is advanced; the plant operating team can overcome the technical barriers analyzed. The major deterrent in faster adoption of WHRB systems has been the financial barrier. The potential for WHRB in Indian cement industry is very high.

With its objective to promote WHRB installations in India, Mission Energy Foundation brings out its 2nd annual cemWHR – 2021 a two day interactive conference + ecpo + Awards; scheduled on 3 - 4 June 2021, ONLINE


Organised with its objective to promote Waste Heat Recovery Boiler implementation in the Indian Cement industry. It shall encourage utilities that utilises the waste heat available to generate power and thereby reducing operating cost. Bring awareness among industry on suitable technologies may be considered for implementation of WHRB in existing and future cement plants.

the Vi - EXPO

The b2c expo is always a cost effective and invaluable tool to help deliver your technology, product, equipment and services to senior decision makers of your core target market and will help grow your business

the Vi - AWARDS

Over the years Mission Energy Foundation have honoured hundreds of innovative developments and solutions for excellence and sustainability among the utilities, small or large, who have demonstrated their efforts in generation of clean energy.

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Indian cement industry is the second largest manufacturer of cement, only next to China. Cement capacity in the last 5 years has increased by over 30% and the projected growth rate in the next 5 years is about 20% increase from present levels of manufacture. Cement sector is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors in India.

Indian cement industry is very advanced as far as energy efficiency is concerned. Some of the Indian cement plants operate with very low energy consumption levels, which are the best in the world. Latest technology adoption and continuous improvement has been the predominant factors for such high energy efficiency levels in Indian cement industry.

While energy efficiency has taken a top priority in Indian cement industry, the adoption of WHR systems in cement facilities has still a long way to go. Out of over 210 large cement plants in the country, only 70% of cement kilns have adopted WHR systems. Mission Energy Foundation estimates indicate that the waste heat recovery potential in Indian cement industry is close to 750 MW, indicating the huge opportunity for adoption of WHR in Indian cement industry.

Almost all the cement manufacturers in the country have captive power plants to meet their power demand. The reason for captive power generation is to lower the cost of power generation. Installing captive power plants would cost the cement manufacturers about Rs 40 Million per MW. On the other hand, installing WHR systems is costing the manufacturers about Rs 70 Million to Rs 80 Million per MW depending on the type of technology adopted and the WHR potential. This high initial investment is deterring manufacturers from adopting waste heat recovery systems.

Huge potential exists across the Indian cement industry to recover the waste heat and generate power. Cement industry being energy intensive, tapping waste heat can be an excellent opportunity to reduce the overall operating cost. Increased global GHG emissions are forcing the industrial sectors to operate in an energy efficient and environment friendly way. Implementation of waste heat recovery can substantiate fossil fuels used for power generation which will ultimately reduce GHG emissions. 


AquaSource Technologies Corporation is headquartered near Pittsburgh USA. It is manufacturer of plasma gasification systems for waste-to-electricity plants and desalination systems for sea water and Oil & Gas wastewater purification. These systems utilize high temperature plasma systems, originally  designed by Westinghouse Plasma Corporation. ATC has significant intellectual property portfolio consisting of worldwide patents.


PROMECON - Dedicated to Process Optimization

PROMECON specializes in the design and manufacture of high technology measurement systems for monitoring and optimization of thermal processes for various industries - the power generation industry, the cement industry, the metal smelter industry as well as the waste incineration industry.


SITSON INDIA PVT. LTD. is an ISO-9001 Company, incorporated in 1978 to provide specialized engineering services in Energy sector.

We have specialty in manufacturing water tube multi fuel Boilers and Sugar Mill Machinery. We have manufactured Boilers suitable for fuels like coal, bagasse, oil, biomass and biogas, waste heat recovery etc.  
We are registered & approved Turnkey Supplier under National Co-operative Development Corporation, New Delhi for Complete Sugar plants, Boiler, Turbo Generator and Power projects.

Why WHRB Systems?



On an average, the Indian cement plant requires power of 9 Billion kWh per year. The coal needed for generating this much amount of power accounts to 15 Million Tons per year. To meet out the required coal quantity, the industry spends about Rs 55 Billion each year. In order to bring down the cost towards energy, several cost reduction techniques such as using of pet coke and low grade coal, optimization of Indian coal with imported coals are being practiced.

Waste heat recovery is now emerging as an excellent addition to existing captive power generation. Other than reducing energy cost significantly, it can also be a reliable source of power. The concept of waste heat recovery is slowly picking up across the country.



Reduces fuel consumption, which in turn reduces fuel cost significantly
Simultaneously meet the demand for electricity and heat in a most cost effective manner. It bring down the specific energy consumption of the plant significantly. WHRB is about best energy efficient practice in the plant & provide economic competitive advantage in the market. The system also mitigate the emission of Green house gases which are affecting the environment adversely.


Technical Barriers

Moisture content in raw material
Heat requirement for raw mill. Heat requirement for Cement Additives
Quality / Grade of heat. Presence of dust
Water Availability for waste heat recovery. Lay out constraint & down time for hook up

Available Technologies

Rankine Cycle
Organic Rankine Cycle
Kalina Cycle

Challenges Faced

Significant In house Engineering requirement. WHR - Vendor identification in India. Execution by in house contracts. Interfacing between OEC & WHR system. Location of unit to minimize distances – layout considerations.
Hook up during Plant shutdown

Barriers in Adopting WHRB

Presence of dust in flue gas
Hot gas availability & Load factor
Adaptability of existing equipment
False air ingress and additional power consumption
Non-availability of Indigenous suppliers & Service providers
Financial barriers 

Presentation and Paper Submission
The Programme Committee encourages you to send abstracts/papers. The abstract must not exceed 8 pages for oral presentation with tables and illustrations. Abstracts/papers will only be accepted in electronic form (MS Word) to be submitted by email to akshay@missionenergy.org

The deadline for abstracts/papers submission is 15 April 2020.

Akshay Mishra - Chief Production
akshay@missionenergy.org l +91 90965 67377

Past Participants...

Throughout the last 12 years Mission Energy Foundation have delivered successful platforms of knowledge dissemination gathering who's who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally.

Aditya Birla Group
Ambuja Cements Limited
Ambuja Cements ltd
Avant Garde Group
C K Birla Group
Central Pollution Control Board
Coal Preparation Society of India
Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited
Energy Efficiency and Environment P Ltd
Ministry of Science & Technology
First Esco India Private Limited
Gujarat Industries Power Company Limited
Gujarat Sidhee Cement Limited
Heidelberg India Ltd

Holtec Consulting Pvt Ltd
India Cement Limited
ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd
JK Cement Ltd
JK Lakshmi Cement Limited
Lafarge Holcim (ACC Ltd)
LH Infratech Private Limited
M E Energy Pvt. Ltd
M P Birla Group
Mago Thermal
My Home Industries Ltd
NCL Industries Ltd.
NTPC Limited 

Nu Vista Limited
Oranje Kracht Engineering
Prism Johnson Limited
Rain Industries Limited
RCCPL Private Limited
Saurashtra Cement Limited
Siemens Limited
Steam Equipments Pvt Ltd
Tata Power Limited
The Ramco Cements Ltd
Thermax India
thyssenkrupp Industries India
Udaipur Cement Works Limited
UltraTech Cement Ltd 


Confernce AGENDA


Panel Discussion: Recovering Waste Heat for Power Generation
Dr Shailendra Chouksey, Whole Time Director - JK Lakshmi Cements Limited
Aparna Dutt Sharma, Secretary General - Cements Manufacturers Association
Jagdish Toshniwal, Managing Director - Wonder Cements Limited
Raju Goyal, Chief Technical Officer - Ultratech Cements LImited

Networking Tea Break

Understanding the Factors Affecting Waste Heat Recovery
Representation from Ambuja Cements Limited
Raju Goyal, Chief Technical Officer - Ultratech Cements Limited
Ram Chaval, Head of Production & Processes - ACC Limited

Networking Lunch Break

Technological Barriers in UItilising WHRB Technology 
S K Rathore, President Projects - JK Cements Limited
Representation from India Cements Limited
V M Moorthy, Vice President Technical - Rain Cements Limited

Networking Tea Break

Implementing Waste Heat Recovery Technologies for Cement Industry 

Networking Cocktail & Snacks

Closure of Day 1 

Panel Discussion: Sustainable Development Through Waste Heat Recovery 
Representation from ACC Limited
Representation from Dalmia Bharat Cements Limited
S K Rathore, President Projects - JK Cements Limited
Representation from Cement Corporation of India Limited

Networking Tea Break

Analysing Organic Rankine Cycle Performance in Indian Cements Industry
Representation from Shree Cements Limited
Representation from Birla Corporation Limited
Vijay S Narang, Director Technical - My Home Industries Limited

Networking Lunch Break

Modeling and Evaluation of Power Generation and Energy Recovery Systems

Representation from Reliance Cements Company
Representation from Dalmia Bharat Cements Limited
Ashish Panpalia, Executive Jt. President - Ultratech Cements Limited
Representation from KCP Cements Limited

Best practices in the WHRB Implementation

Networking Tea

Awards Ceremony for cemWHR AWARDS - 2021

Closing Remarks & End of Conference 

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Sponsoring this cemWHR - 2021 will make your company stand out as a leader in this burgeoning industry and will leave a strong impression of your brand in key decision makers minds. Sponsors have an incredible amount of presence and it will not only give your company optimum exposure but also the opportunity for delegates to meet you and your executives to find out more about your role and business opportunities in the sector.

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the Vi - EXPO

Throughout during the conference days, there will be a select number of leading solution providers who will discuss and advise on their latest products, solutions and services to a targeted number of senior level decision makers and technology-including regulatory affairs, financing structures and many more… Make sure you stay ahead of the competition and SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW!

You will benefit from multiple opportunities to talk with the clients and prospects you want to do business with and kick start your sales. All under one roof and all in just two days - saving you both time and money!

As exhibition space is strictly limited and is already booking fast! For booking of exhibition space, contact our representative right now!


Exhibiting during the two day conference is a cost effective and invaluable tool to help deliver your technology, product, equipment and services to senior decision makers of your core target market and will help grow your business in following ways

ENFORCE your BRAND and promote your services to generate and customers bases interest
Meet senior level decision makers to EASE of doing BUSINESS
Make new contacts and BUILD lasting RELATIONSHIPS
DISPLAY your CAPABILITIES at an international platform to those developers, utilities and manufacturers who need your project financing services or project development technology.
Take advantage of a central point of contact from which to DEVELOP BUSINESS and raise your profile in this growing sector.
STRENGTHEN existing BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS and create profitable new leads as you interact with your core customer base.

Visitor Profile

Participants will benefit from the high quality information exchange and networking opportunities. The expo will be marked by the presence of key decision makers and key players from the government and corporate world in India and abroad:

- Diplomats and senior government officials including policy makers and regulatory authorities
- Senior industry leaders from power, coal, chemical, etroleum and many other sectors
- Senior management teams from renowned private and public sector companies
- Entrepreneurs, technologists, operators and service providers
- Energy associates, producers and consumers
- International suppliers and trade organizations
- Equipment suppliers and service Companies
- Environmentalists, research and development scientists
- Investment banks & financial institutions


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Ashwinkumar Khatri
Director General
+91 98339 51556 

cemWHR AWARDS - 2021


cemWHR Awards 2021 shall once again recognise outstanding environmental and community relations efforts that go above and beyond what is required. Submissions from plants across the country shall be evaluated and recognized for environmental & energy efficiency efforts completed in FY 2020


The Winners of cemWHR Awards - 2021 shall be honored during the valedictory session of the conference on the second second day i.e., 4 June 2021.

Important Dates

01 April 2021
1100 Hrs Nomination Opens

15 May 2021
1700 Hrs Nomination Closes

04 June 2021
1730 Hrs Winners Shall be awarded


The Winners of cemWHR Awards - 2021 shall be honoured on the second day of the conference i.e., 04 June 2021.

cemWHR AWARDS Categories

Cement Plant of the Year

This award will give to honor the achievements of a cement plant demonstrating overall operational excellence and best-in-class levels of performance across key areas, including energy efficiency, alternative fuel utilisation, clinker substitution rates and health & safety.

Cement Project of the Year

This award is for the cement industry project that demonstrated innovation, engineering excellence, and exceptional project design and execution

Environmental Excellence

This award will recognise the outstanding demonstration of advanced manufacturing technologies to meet the highest standards of environmental excellence in the areas of emissions reduction, carbon reduction, resource efficiency and participation in the circular economy.

Innovation for Sustainability

Awards seeks to identify and reward out-of-the-box thinking and innovation in cement industry organisation that has brought innovation and sustainability ingrained as part of its work culture and has been at the forefront of coming up with creative and sustainable solutions.

Equipment Supplier

The award will recognize providers of the best environmental & WHRB equipment suppliers helping implementation of waste heat recovery in cement industry

Technology / Solution Provider

This award is for the organisation that expertise in providing a reliable technology or solution with years of efforts in creating a cleaner and sustainable solution to the cement industry.

Submit Power Point Presentation in form of CASE STUDY showcasing the work done in the selected category of award nomination that have helped you to achieve better results to help@missionenergy.org within 10 days of your nomination.



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To participate as DELEGATE / nominate for AWARDS fill and submit online form from the links below.


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