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          Conference – Expo – Awards

               07 - 08 June 2018, Vivanta by Taj - New Delhi


In India, the current installed capacity is 253,389 MW from all sources of energy and coal-fired alone contributes around 60 per cent. With the introduction of the Electricity Act-2003, the private companies in the country have shown tremendous interest in the power industry and as a result, various independent power projects (IPPs) have come up in India. The capacity addition for the 12th Plan target is to add 88,537 MW of power generation.

Most of the state sector & private power utilities display a wide spectrum of operational practices in India having critical gaps in several key operational areas heading to reduce plant performance including efficiency, generation and availability. There is significant scope for improving overall performance of the underperforming power plants through strengthening of their O&M practices.

The good O&M practices at thermal power stations have significance not only in terms of achieving high levels of performance parameters but also for ensuring the good health of the equipment at the power stations. Over the years, the power stations show deterioration in their performance due to ageing factor. The conditions of such power plants get further deteriorated if proper O&M practices are not followed in their operation. Improved O&M practices are also needed to sustain performance of rehabilitated power plants. Improving performance through interventions aimed at strengthening of O&M practices coupled with required R&M interventions is the quick and least cost alternative for augmenting the availability of power. This requires multiple interventions across various aspects including people, technology, process and infrastructure etc. Such O&M strengthening practices include various aspects like technology, O&M planning, conditional monitoring, preventive maintenance, O&M procedure, enhancement in technical and managerial skills of O&M personnel and infrastructure/facilities improvement. 

Mission Energy Foundation take privilege to announce the 3rd Edition of Thermal Power O&M – Conference – Expo – Awards that is scheduled on 07 - 08 June 2018 at Vivanta by Taj - New Delhi; which is expected to attract participants worldwide focusing on O&M best practices that enhance asset management and can protect the life of power plant equipment to the desired life-cycle of 30 years. The two day of 360 degree technical discussions will be packed with multiple networking opportunities among regional and international guests.


Thermal Power O&M - 2018 shall outline O&M best practices that enhance asset management and can protect the life of power plant equipment to the desired life-cycle of 30 years.

Presentations from best O&M practices include following well-established operating procedures, minimising frequent cold start-ups, reducing prolonged period of operating the unit with low load and operating the unit beyond the design limit, cycling the unit per OEM´s recommendation, following condition-based monitoring, introducing online monitoring system, periodic condition assessment - NDE, maintaining proper water chemistry, utilising proper spares, operating controllable parameters per OEM´s guidelines and staying well within the O&M budgeted cost shall be delivered during the two day interactive sessions.

The discussion shall also include implementation of proper cycle chemistry to prevent boiler tube failures without causing significant loss to the company, annual plant audit, implement preventive maintenance program, and reduce forced outages, RLA assessment and comprehensive cost analysis study performed including damaging cost on annual basis.

Supporting Organisations

Sketch Agenda

07 June 2018
  • 09.30 Hrs

    10.00 – 11.00 Hrs


    Inaugural Function
    Opening Remarks
    Shri S Manikandan, Director - VOMS

    Introduction to Thermal Power O&M – 2018
    Shri Ashwinkumar Khatri, DG - Mission Energy Foundation

    Key Note Address
    Dr. Srikanta K Panigrahi, DG - Carbon Minus India

  • Boiler, Turbine and Balance of Plants

    Shri R Swaminathan,Chief Advisor-Board - Voltech-Operations & Maintenance Services Pvt Ltd
    Shri C K Chandrasekaran, Technical Advisor - Voltech-Operations & Maintenance Services Pvt Ltd
    Shri Arun Sarna, Managing Director - Encotec Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    Shri Mohan A Patil, Senior Director (Resource Conservation & Management) - FICCI
    Shri A R Mallick, CGM - Century Textiles & Industries Ltd
    Shri Ashwini K Sinha - Independent Consultant

    11.30 – 15.00 Hrs

    Lunch Break
    (13.00-14.00) Hrs

  • 15.30 – 16.30 Hrs

    CHP & AHP Optimisation

    Shri Lalit Gujral, GM – Mktg. - Macawber Beekay
    Shri George Varghese, Director - Desein Indure Group
    Shri V K Malik, Managing Director - MELCO

  • Electrical Performance & Environmental Monitoring Solutions

    Shri R G Prajapati, Deputy Engineer - GSECL Shri Rohitash Sharma, Engineer-Electrical - Hindustan Zinc Limited

    16.30 – 17.30 Hrs

  • 18.00 – 21.00 Hrs

    Networking Cocktail 

08 June 2018
  • Panel Discussion – O&M Challenges

    Shri C K Chandrasekaran, Technical Advisor - Voltech-Operations & Maintenance Services Pvt Ltd
    Shri Chhavinath Singh, COO - Talwandi Sabo Power Limited
    Shri Arun Sarna, Managing Director - Encotec Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    Dr. M Malik, AGM-Netra - NTPC NETRA
    Shri George Varghese, Director - Desein Indure Group

    10.00 – 11.00 Hrs

  • 11.30 – 13.00 Hrs

    Innovative Solutions & Outsourcing O&M

    Shri Pranav Desai - Freelancer
    Shri Udit Agrawal, Chief Technical Officer - DSI Robotics
    Shri Manish Gandhi, VP-North & East Operations - Ion Exchange India Ltd

  • Best O&M Practices at Power Stations

    Shri N K Singh, General Manager (SLPP) - GIPCL Shri Janardan Dave (GM) Power, Shri H S Silajiya (Executive Power), Shri Dinesh Makwana (I/c.GM - Power Plant) - GMDC Ltd
    Shri Saurav Paul, Sr. Manager - Gujarat State Energy Generation Limited
    Shri Jaysinh Jadeja, AVP - Sasan Power Limited Shri Chhavinath Singh, COO - Talwandi Sabo Power Limited

    14.00 – 16.00 Hrs

  • 16.30 – 18.00 Hrs

    Power Plant Performance Awards 2018 – The Ceremony

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  • Announcements - Thanking Sponsors
  • Exhibit Space - (6x2 Mtr.)
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Overseas - USD 8950 + 18% GST
5 Delegate Passes
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  • Company Logo on Backdrop
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India - INR 245000 + 18% GST
Overseas - USD 4950 + 18% GST
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EXHIBITION - Thermal Power O&M 2018

Indian Company: INR 12500 Per Sq. Mtr. + 18% GST
Overseas Company: USD 350 Per Sq. Mtr. + 18% GST

Throughout during the conference days, there will be a select number of leading solution providers who will discuss and advise on their latest products, solutions and services to a targeted number of senior level decision makers & technology-including regulatory affairs, financing structures and many more… Make sure you stay ahead of the competition and SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW!

You will benefit from multiple opportunities to talk with the clients and prospects you want to do business with and kick start your sales. All under one roof and all in just two days - saving you both time and money!

As exhibition space is strictly limited and is already booking fast! For booking of exhibition space, contact our representative right now!

Exhibiting at Thermal Power O&M 2018 is a cost effective and invaluable tool to help deliver your technology, product, equipment and services to senior decision makers of your core target market and will help grow your business in following ways

ENFORCE your BRAND and promote your services to generate and customers bases interest

Meet senior level decision makers to EASE of doing BUSINESS

Make new contacts and BUILD lasting RELATIONSHIPS

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Take advantage of a central point of contact from which to DEVELOP BUSINESS and raise your profile in this growing sector.

STRENGTHEN existing BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS and create profitable new leads as you interact with your core customer base.

Participants will benefit from the high quality information exchange and networking opportunities. The expo will be marked by the presence of key decision makers and key players from the government and corporate world in India and abroad:

* Diplomats and senior government officials including policy makers and regulatory authorities

* Senior industry leaders from power, coal, chemical, etroleum and many other sectors

* Senior management teams from renowned private and public sector companies

* Entrepreneurs, technologists, operators and service providers

* Energy associates, producers and consumers

* International suppliers and trade organizations

* Equipment suppliers and service Companies

* Environmentalists, research and development scientists

* Investment banks & financial institutions

Minimum Space 3x2 Sq. Mtr.

2 Delegate Passes for Conference

Company Logo on Summit Brochure

Company Logo on Backdrop

Modular Shell Stand Structure

Two Chairs & One Table

Fascia with Company Name

Power Socket for Power Supply

Exhibition View & Hall Layout

Power Plant Performance Awards – 2018

Power Plant Performance Awards - 2018 has been developed with a view to accord recognition to utilities based on their all round performance by integrating the operational parameters like Peaking Plant Load Factor, Secondary Oil Consumption, Auxiliary Power Consumption and Station Heat Rate. Design station heat rate would be considered for evaluation.


‘Power Plant Performance Awards – 2018’ in its present form is intended to foster the competitive spirit amongst various power stations so as to encourage them to improve performance in all spheres of their working. The Awards would also help in evolving benchmarks for various performance indices..


The Awards shall cover all Coal / Lignite and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine based thermal power stations of Central, State and Private sector (including captive power plants) which meet the following requirements:
a) Coal / Lignite based thermal stations should have units of size 100 MW or above (IPP) & 25 MW or above (Captive)
b) Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) based power stations should have at least one GT of size 30 MW or above


Six (6) number highest ranking thermal stations will be given awards in recognition of their operational performance.


The parameters to be evaluated have been listed in the enclosed Annexure-‘A’. The weightage assigned to each of these parameters, in case of Coal / Lignite based and CCGT stations have also been given therein. The criteria for assigning marks are given in enclosed Annexure-‘B’. Data received from all stations shall be processed and marks assigned as per above marking scheme. Total score shall be considered for ranking. All thermal stations (Coal / Lignite based and CCGT stations) of Central, State, and Private Sectors shall be considered at par.

Key Dates to REMEMBER...

March 19
1100 Hrs Nomination Opens
May 10
1700 Hrs Nomination Closes
June 08
1100 Hrs Winners shall be Awarded

The Chief Executives of all Power Stations shall be required to furnish complete data in prescribed formats to the Nodal Officer of Mission Energy Foundation as specified hereunder:

Parameter                                        Formats

Coal / Lignite Based StationsCCGT Stations
Heat RateAnnexure – I (Coal/Lignite)
Annexure – I (CCGT)
Aux. Power ConsumptionAnnexure – II (Coal/Lignite)
Annexure – II (CCGT)
Peaking PLFAnnexure – III (Coal/Lignite)
Annexure – III (CCGT)
Secondary Oil ConsumptionAnnexure – IV (Coal/Lignite)
Not Applicable

Download Complete FileDownload Complete File


All Thermal Stations shall send the data as per relevant Annexure to Mission Energy Foundation latest by 15th May 2018.

Award Categories

Power Plant Performer 2018 – COAL

Power Plant Performer 2018 – Lignite

Power Plant Performer 2018 – CCGT

Power Plant Performer 2018 – COAL (CPP)

Power Plant Performer 2018 – Lignite (CPP)

Power Plant Performer 2018 – CCGT (CPP)

Service Provider of the Year – Technology

Service Provider of the Year – O&M

Service Provider of the Year – Design & Engineering

Submit Nomination

Apply Online and make the payment.

Submit completed application along with relevant information and we shall contact for softcopy of documents.

If interested in applying for more than one unit / projects of same company or more than one location, separate request for application and fee should be submitted for each nomination.

Selection Procedure

Evaluation of nominations for Power Stations Performance Awards – 2018 is an intensive process. Nominations are evaluated by experts from Government, Academia and Industry.

Preliminary evaluation of shortlisted nominations. Power point presentation with original documents by all short-listed nominee company/ units in presence of Jury Members constituted by Mission Energy Foundation (if required). Site visit of short-listed companies/units (if required).

Award Presentation

Relax, wait for the winner announcement day and watch your inbox. If your nominated company/ units have demonstrated highest level of commitment and best practice towads the summit shall be recognised and honoured.

The Winners of Power Stations Performance Awards – 2018 shall be honoured on the second day of the conference i.e., 8th June 2018 at Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi.


The Organisation

Mission Energy Foundation is a persistent, private, not-for-profit endeavour based in Mumbai, India. We are registered under sec 25 (1), 80G & 12AA respectively.


Mission Energy Foundation is a micro-enterprise initiative that strives to spread knowledge in the globalising energy sector. We educate and spread technology awareness through ongoing contacts and discussions with the public and industry concerning what the future of the growing energy sector should be...

The Begining

A single man army with its mission to build platforms of discussion, exchange knowledge among industry professionals on core issues pertaining to growing energy sector.


A human asset working together as one endeavour that expertise in organising and delivering successful international summits involving who's who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally.

Past Participants

Throughout the last 8 years Mission Energy Foundation have delivered successful platforms of knowledge dissemination gathering who's who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally. To view the extensive list of participants click  below




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