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GLIMPSES - 10 Sucessful Years

- 8 GASIFICATION Conferences
- 3 WASTE-to-ENERGY Conferences


Air Products touches the lives of consumers around the globe in positive ways every day. With approximately 15,000 employees and operations in 50 countries, we serve customers across a wide range of industries from food and beverage to medical, energy and transportation...


Essar has a presence across the hydrocarbon value chain, from exploration & production to refining and retail. It has a portfolio of five CBM gas blocks in India, including the country’s largest producing CBM block. It also operates about 68 million barrels per day of crude refining capacity in the UK, where it also runs a countrywide network of over 45 retail outlets, with a target of 400 outlets in the next five years.


Jindal Steel and Power Limited is an industrial powerhouse with a dominant presence in steel, power, mining and infrastructure sectors. Part of the US $ 22 billion OP Jindal Group, the Company is continuously scaling its capacity utilisations and efficiencies to capture opportunities for Building A Nation of Our Dreams.


Our motto “Growth is Life” aptly captures the ever-evolving spirit of Reliance. Our activities span hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, retail and telecommunications. In each of these areas, we are committed to innovation-led, exponential growth...

POWERING sponsor

NTPC is India’s largest power utility with an installed capacity of 53,651 MW, plans to become a 130 GW company by 2032. Established in 1975, NTPC aims to be the world’s largest and best power major.

POWERING sponsor

Coal India Limited (CIL) the state owned coal mining corporate came into being in November 1975. With a modest production of 79 Million Tonnes (MTs) at the year of its inception CIL today is the single largest coal producer in the world. Operating through 82 mining areas CIL is an apex body with 7 wholly owned coal producing subsidiaries and 1 mine planning and consultancy company spread over 8 provincial states of India


Founded in 2012 and headed by Ajay Girotra and an advisory board which has a collective experience of over 100 years in the various facets of delivery : be it governance, healthcare, education, marketing programs, knowledge processing, analytics and sustainable solutions for living care. Absolutely passionate about changing the landscape by cleaning soil, water and air.


McDermott’s Lummus Technology is a leading technology licensor of proprietary gas processing, refining, petrochemical, and coal/petcoke gasification technologies as well as a supplier of proprietary catalysts, equipment and related engineering services. These technologies are critical in the refining of crude oil into gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and lubes, the manufacturing of petrochemicals and polymers, as well as the gasification of solids into syngas.


Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (RCF) a Government of India Undertaking is a leading fertilizer and chemical manufacturing company with about 80% of its equity held by the Government of India. It has two operating units, one at Trombay in Mumbai and the other at Thal, Raigad district, about 100 KM from Mumbai. Government of India has accorded "Mini-Ratna" status to RCF.


The Radhe Group of Energy, founded by Dr. Shailesh Makadia, is India's fast up growing private enterprise in the renewable energy sector. The Group's core focus is on Renewable Energy with a diversified balanced portfolio of assets in Casting, Consumer goods, Corporate farming, Packaging, Media and Real Estate.


Johnsen Chemicals AS was established in 2008, and have since been working on the development of a catalyst for solid fuel. The product has been tested on several markets with good results. The results show that the catalyst contributes to a reduction of harmful emissions while also making the combustion prosess more effective with a lower consumption of fuel.

Supporting Orgnisations

SUPPORTING organisation

KATM is India’s first online bulk commodity trading e-commerce platform. It is an indispensable tool and can help in efficient decision making while trading and bring higher profitability and transparency to trade practices.

As world energy demand continues to grow, it is ever more important that the environment is safeguarded and that energy production and use become sustainable. Renewable energy will, in the longer term, play a significant role. In the meantime, we continue to rely on traditional resources, including fossil fuels, which must be exploited using advanced, cleaner, technologies.

Increased demand – coupled with energy security issues, uncertainty and increasing costs in the oil sector, and tightening environmental regulations pressures those involved in all aspects of power generation with environmental concerns of coal utilization in the 21st century. 

India is one of the world's fastest growing economies and its demand for energy is ever increasing. The security of India's energy supply is the foremost challenge. Besides energy security, there is also need to develop and harness environmentally-friendly clean energy resources in line with the global trend. Energy security for India pertains to the availability and security of all fuel sources. The fast paced growth of Indian economy, the third largest in terms of GDP based on purchasing power parity, has resulted in a surging demand for energy which is projected to grow at the rate of 3 percent over next three decades (2010-2040).

GASIFICATION can only reduce India's dependence upon imported oil for transport fuels, reducing our import bill by a third. India's transport sector will become carbon-neutral and hence, can become a leader in the battle against climate change.

GASIFICATION enables a wide range of energy sources including coal, biomass and residual oils to be converted into environmentally-friendly chemicals and fuels. Most of the effluents normally created in atmospheric burning plants are caught before combustion and converted into useful by-products, or captured for safe storage. 

The important key components of GASIFICATION cover: abundant resources and deposits of coal, demand for clean energy, wide range of biomass / waste feedstock, recover energy locked in biomass and municipal solid waste, eliminating incineration of landfilling and produce electricity with significantly reduced environmental impact compared to conventional technologies. The increase inurbanization and the population living in cities and towns, and the rise in the price of oil, have put pressure on traditional energy supplies, and have helped drive the gasification dramatically over the years. The failure to acquire current energy and power resources, lack of alternatives to gasification, increasing industrialization by exploiting natural resources, and acceptance of governments to invest in R&D of gasifier plants, has increased the gasification demand.

The 9th Edition of GASIFICATION INDIA 2018, the Conference – Expo - Awards is scheduled on 29-30 November 2018, Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka, New Delhi

GASIFICATION INDIA 2018 has always been timely event that identifies the opportunities to invest and implement various gasification technologies. It brings together gasification investors & operators, owners, synthetic gas users including power, fertilizer and chemical companies, technology and financiers to discuss critical issues facing the growing sector today!

GASIFICATION INDIA 2018 is an all-inclusive, proficient platform that provides an in detail analysis of extensive drivers, challenges, restraints, opportunities, present market trends and approach influencing the global gasification industry together with projections and forecasts. GASIFICATION INDIA 2018 covers processing technique, investment plan, services as well as network management. In addition, it discusses gasification supply chain, financial support, retailers' analysis, and marketing channels. Moreover, it describes gasification market entry strategies, opportunities and development challenges predicting the future growth of the gasification market across the globe by integrating the information with relevant findings.

Scope of GASIFICATION INDIA 2018 is to estimate the global market for gasification by the end of 2020. This conference will also provide a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the global gasification market, a comprehensive review of major drivers, restraints, opportunities, winning imperatives, and key issues in the gasification market. GASIFICATION INDIA 2018 will provide a platform to promote the benefits of gasification, its application, the environmental and economic appeal and new applications for this traditional technology against current challenges.

GASIFICATION INDIA 2018 will comprise two days of formal presentations, interactive roundtable discussions and excellent networking opportunities, providing an ideal setting to convene with your peers to discuss current operational & future planned gasification plants, end product markets, potential barriers & support policies as well as project economics & finance.


India's only gathering focussing on GASIFICATION technologies 
9th Edition of International Conference-Expo-Award 
10+ Technical Sessions 
2+ Panel Discussions 
40+ Industry Presentations 
275+ Participants 
25+ Exhibitors 
Well attended by Government Dignitaries 
Gathering of Industry Leaders – WORLDWIDE 
Case Studies & Practical Applications for gasification 
Niche Gathering of Synthetic Gas Users Including Power, Fertilizer & Chemical Companies 
Showcase of Technology Advancements 
2 Days of Value Packed Interactive Sessions to Enhance your Learning & Business Opportunities

18 Key Reasons to Attend GASIFICATION INDIA 2018

  1. Gain Insightful Analyses of the Gasification Market Worldwide
  2. Comprehensive Understanding of the Global Market and its Commercial Landscape 
  3. Assess the Production Processes, Major Issues, and Solutions to Mitigate the Development Risk.
  4. Understand the most Affecting Driving and Restraining Forces and its Impact
  5. Learn Strategies Adopted by Leading Organizations
  6. Understand the Future Outlook and Prospects for the Market
  7. Gain insight into the thermodynamics of gasification and the influence of pressure and temperature on syngas quality
  8. Understand the influence of coal and other feedstock properties on gasifier operation
  9. Gain an overview of all major gasification processes with their strengths and weaknesses for different fuels and applications
  10. Learn about the key issues in selecting a gasification process and gain an overview of auxiliary processes for gas treatment
  11. Learn about integration of a gasification unit into a complete plant and understand about availability and issues in gasification
  12. Understand safety and environmental issues specific to the gasification process
  13. Learn about upcoming developments and new processes in the gasification industry
  14. Gathering over 275+ senior participants across the industry among which include government officials, CEOs & VPs from resources owners, gasification technology providers, directors and other related senior experts
  15. The conference will set a vision for Indian gasification developments: the policy, opportunities & challenges and development of a Environment -Friendly & Clean industry
  16. Showcasing advanced and cost-effective clean technology products and solutions from various countries
  17. The conference will deliver latest updates on regional project implementations, policy incentives, local & international demonstration projects and industry players' strategies over gasification sector
  18. Hearing the obstacles that project developers must overcome in Indian context and pursuing the efficient way to accelerate deployment in our country

Key Topics of Discussion during GASIFICATION INDIA 2018 

Global Activity Update: Current & Future Projects
Gasification Potential in India: Future Opportunities for Growth
Gasification Projects Economics & Finance – a worldwide experience
Commercialisation of UCG Activities & IGCC Project Case Studies
India's Policy Update: Supporting Efficient & Environmentally Sound Technology
Syngas to Syncrude: GTL Updates
Gasification Products and Applications
Reuse of Capital by Repowering Coal Fired Plants by Gasifiers
Gassing Waste to Energy - For a Cleaner World, Progress & Lessons Learnt to Date
Global Excellence Can Be “STEEL” through DRI
CBM - New Energy Architecture
Petcoke - Combining Fermentation with Gasification
The Integration of Gasification with Hydrogen from Renewable Electricity
Analysis of Existing Gasification Technologies - Lessons Learnt for Future Developments
Gasification Research & Development Focus
Gasification for Chemical & Fuel Production
Fossil-Based Refinery's Transition towards Renewable Fuel Production Using Gasification
Gasifier Based Ultra-High Efficiency Power Production & Polygeneration Systems Biomass Gasification for Heat & Power - New Success Stories & Future

Past Conferences on GASIFICATION

Leading power generation companies, petrochemical plant operators and the oil refining industry

including: managers and directors of gasification, biomass or clean coal technology, power generation,

R&D and new technologies, renewable strategy, sustainable technologies, environment and CO2

managers, CTOs, COOs as well as business development executives from technical service providers,

consultants and regulators.

Government Institutions, Regulators & Energy planning Authorities
Coal Miners
Fertilizer Manufacturers
Oil & Gas companies
Power Companies
Other gas users
Investors and Financiers
Gasification Technology Licensors
Technology Upgradation providers
Gas processing and sulphur recovery technology companies
Engineering and construction companies
Waste water treatment & environmental services
Leading research institutes
International association


"Challenges and Opportunities to Generate Energy from Agro and Municipal Solid Waste "

Cities worldwide are generating more than 1.3 billion tons of solid waste every year. As bustling sectors of economic activity combined with the influx of rural migrants every year, cities are expected to witness the number swell to 2.2 billion tons annually by 2025- which is the equivalent weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza, in terms of trash, every day.

Every year, India generates a staggeringly obscene 55 million tons of Municipal solid waste along with 38billion litres of sewage waste predominantly from its urban pockets. This is multiplied critically by additional solid and liquid wastes churned out by the rapidly scaling industries. With more people expected to move from rural to urban areas in the future combined with rising wages and energy consumption, the waste proportions are likely to expand exponentially. The estimate of the amount of waste generated in India is expected to soar rapidly at a per capita income of approximately 1-1.33% annually. This will have a dramatic impact on the land used for disposal, costs of collecting and transporting waste and environmental degradation as a result of expanding waste generation levels.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has approved a program called “Energy from Urban, Industrial and Agricultural Waste/Residue” - A program to support promotion of biomass-based cogeneration in sugar mills and other industries was also announced in May 2018. This is another step towards attaining the goal of doubling farmers’ income, import reduction, employment generation and waste-to-wealth creation. Recently, the central government’s cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, approved the National Policy on Biofuels – 2018.

Mission Energy Foundation; expertise on researching and conducting conferences on waste to energy over the past few years now and has developed a thorough understanding of the various technology options and their viabilities. Diverse business opportunities along the value chain, the global scenario and the market segment for each of the waste to energy technologies are well known to us and we are poised to provide a balanced opinion about waste to energy industry.

To promote a better understanding of role solid and liquid wastes can play in providing power, chemical and refining industries with economically competitive and environmentally conscious technology option to produce electricity, fuel and chemicals; Mission Energy Foundation takes this opportunity to concurrently organise the 4th edition of Waste-to-Energy Conference on 29-30 November 2018, Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka, New Delhi.

Interactive Sessions
Indian Policy: What Support and Incentives will be available?
Beyond Electricity – What Else (Potential: Gas, Fuels and Chemical from Waste)
Environment and Social Concern related to Waste to Energy
Choice of Technologies - Combustion, Incineration, Anaerobic Digestion, Gasification & Pyrolysis
Panel Discussion: Is Waste-to-Energy a Right Solution for India?
Case Studies & Project Finance

Who Should Participate?

Chairman, Managing Directors, Technical Director, Commercial Director, Project Director, Residual Waste Service Officers, Chief Investment Officer, Heads of Renewable Energy, Heads of Sustainable Development, Heads of Strategic Developments, Heads of New Project Developments, Alternative Energy Advisors, Assistant Manager, Business Development Manager, Chemistry Professor, Commercial Manager Energy, Contract Development Manager, Heads of Supply Chain Management, Fuel Use Officer, HSE Manager, Energy from Waste Technology Managers, Investment Analysts, Commercial Managers, Heads of Waste Management, Secretary, Joint Secretary (Ministry) & Municipal Commissioners.

Past Conferences on WASTE-to-ENERGY

Presentation and Paper Submission

The Programme Committee encourages you to send abstracts/papers for Gasification India 2018. The abstract must not exceed 8 pages for oral presentation with tables and illustrations. Abstracts/papers will only be accepted in electronic form (MS Word) to be submitted online at or sent by email to

The deadline for abstracts/papers submission is 31 October 2018.

Please make sure your abstracts/papers contain the following institutions:
• Authors' names, last names, positions and companies, institutions of all authors
• Presentation Title (underlined)
• Name of the paper
• 3-6 key words (for identification)
• E-mail, Postal Address, Phone and Mobile Number

In case the abstracts/papers have more than one authored please underline the name for contact and communication.

The Programme Committee will review and identify abstracts/papers for presentation out of the received ones.

Presentations & Publications
The selected papers will be presented in oral form. The Programme Committee will make review and selection as well as define the type of presentation and the authors will be notified by 05 November 2018.

Conference language: English
Abstract language: English

Sponsor Now!

Our aim is to deliver you an event that exceeds your expectations, thus becoming an integrated part of your annual marketing program.

Sponsoring this Gasification India 2018 will make your company stand out as a leader in this burgeoning industry and will leave a strong impression of your brand in key decision makers minds. Sponsors have an incredible amount of presence and it will not only give your company optimum exposure but also the opportunity for delegates to meet you and your executives to find out more about your role and business opportunities in the sector.

Gain PUBLICITY with our advertising and promotional campaigns
Obtain DIRECT ACCESS to potential clients during and after with our meticulously prepared confidential delegate list
Receive a KEY SPEAKING POSITION to address an audience of top executives and decision makers from the industry
Create PERMANENT REMINDERS of your product or services in conference documentation
Profile yourself as INDUSTRIAL LEADER, as your corporate logo and profile will be featured prominently in event marketing collaterals
NETWORKING with the industries leading Government Officials, Senior Level Delegates and Experts
Achieve GREATER EXPOSURE and BRAND BUILDING through our partners and much more


INR 645000 / USD 9950

7 Delegate Passes
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Corporate Banner in Networking Area (6X3 Ft.)
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Screening of Company Film
Circulation of Company Literature
Announcements - Thanking Sponsors
Speaking Opportunity - Day 1
Panel Discussion Moderator
Exhibit Space (6x2 Mtr.)


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Screening of Company Film
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Speaking Opportunity - Day 2
Panel Discussion Panelist
Exhibit Space (3x2 Mtr.)


INR 445000 / USD 6950

3 Delegate Passes
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Circulation of Company Literature
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Panel Discussion Panelist


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INR 245000 / USD 3950

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Circulation of Company Literature
Announcements - Thanking Sponsors



INR 12500 / Sq. Mtr. + Govt. Taxes

Throughout during the conference days, there will be a select number of leading solution providers who will discuss and advise on their latest products, solutions and services to a targeted number of senior level decision makers and technology-including regulatory affairs, financing structures and many more… Make sure you stay ahead of the competition and SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW!

You will benefit from multiple opportunities to talk with the clients and prospects you want to do business with and kick start your sales. All under one roof and all in just two days - saving you both time and money!

As exhibition space is strictly limited and is already booking fast! For booking of exhibition space, contact our representative right now!    

Exhibiting at Gasification India 2018 is a cost effective and invaluable tool to help deliver your technology, product, equipment and services to senior decision makers of your core target market and will help grow your business in following ways

ENFORCE your BRAND and promote your services to generate and customers bases interest

Meet senior level decision makers to EASE of doing BUSINESS

Make new contacts and BUILD lasting RELATIONSHIPS

DISPLAY your CAPABILITIES at an international platform to those developers, utilities and manufacturers who need your project financing services or project development technology.

Take advantage of a central point of contact from which to DEVELOP BUSINESS and raise your profile in this growing sector.

STRENGTHEN existing BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS and create profitable new leads as you interact with your core customer base.

Participants will benefit from the high quality information exchange and networking opportunities. The expo will be marked by the presence of key decision makers and key players from the government and corporate world in India and abroad:

- Diplomats and senior government officials including policy makers and regulatory authorities
- Senior industry leaders from power, coal, chemical, etroleum and many other sectors
- Senior management teams from renowned private and public sector companies
- Entrepreneurs, technologists, operators and service providers
- Energy associates, producers and consumers
- International suppliers and trade organizations
- Equipment suppliers and service Companies
- Environmentalists, research and development scientists
- Investment banks & financial institutions

Minimum Space 3x2 Sq. Mtr.
2 Delegate Passes for Conference
Company Logo on Summit Brochure
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Modular Shell Stand Structure
Two Chairs & One Table
Fascia with Company Name
Power Socket for Power Supply

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Exhibition View & Hall Layout


Organisation and individuals in the field of gasification research, development and commercialisation will be recognised who has delivered the highest level of commitment in clean energy generation. Mission Energy Foundation awards serve as a catalyst to understanding the intrinsic value in business excellence and sustainability.

Mission Energy Foundation invites nominations from organisations and individuals having strong concern and commitment for clean energy generation and building a cleaner world that the one you want to live in.


Reflects your commitment to Environment Protection & enhances your corporate status and image.

Boosts morale of concerned employees & stakeholders, motivating management & staff of the organization to excel & Develops your clientele

Organisations Recognised by Mission Energy Foundation

Reliance Industries Limited – Petcock Gasification at Jamnagar, India.
Jindal Steel & Power Limited – Coal Gasification at Angul, India.
Matix Fertilisers – Greenfield Fertiliser Complex at Panagarh, India.


Encourage & motivate to adopt best practices and become role models for others to emulate.

Encourage implementation of strategies for improvement in operations standards.

Nomination Fee

INR 24500 + 18% GST
Per Nomination Per Selected Category

Eligible to nominate one participant for CONFERENCE per selected award nomination

1. Submit Nomination

Apply Online and make the payment.

Submit completed application along with relevant information and we shall contact for softcopy of documents.

If interested in applying for more than one unit / projects of same company or more than one location, separate request for application and fee should be submitted for each nomination.

2. Selection Procedure

Evaluation of nominations for Environment Excellenc Awards is an intensive process. Nominations are evaluated by experts from Government, Academia and Industry.

Preliminary evaluation of shortlisted nominations. Power point presentation with original documents by all short-listed nominee company/ units in presence of Jury Members constituted by Mission Energy Foundation (if required). Site visit of short-listed companies/units (if required).

3. Award Presentation

Relax, wait for the winner announcement day and watch your inbox. If your nominated company/ units have demonstrated highest level of commitment and best practice towads Global Clean Energy AWARD 2018 you shall be recognised and honoured.

The Winners of Global Clean Energy AWARD 2018 shall be honoured on the second day of the conference i.e., 30 November 2018 at Hotel Taj Vivanta, New Delhi.

Key Dates to REMEMBER...


Make in India Initiative

Clean Energy Project

CBM Generation

Biomass Based Cogeneration

Bagasse Based Cogeneration

Waste-to-Energy Generation

Clean Technology / Solution

R&D Initiative

Innovative Engineering for Clean Solution

Outstanding Consulting for Clean Energy Solution


The Organisation

Mission Energy Foundation is a persistent, private, not-for-profit endeavour based in Mumbai, India. We are registered under sec 25 (1), 80G & 12AA respectively.


Mission Energy Foundation is a micro-enterprise initiative that strives to spread knowledge in the globalising energy sector. We educate and spread technology awareness through ongoing contacts and discussions with the public and industry concerning what the future of the growing energy sector should be...

The Begining

A single man army with its mission to build platforms of discussion, exchange knowledge among industry professionals on core issues pertaining to growing energy sector.


A human asset working together as one endeavour that expertise in organising and delivering successful international summits involving who's who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally.

Past Participants

Throughout the last 8 years Mission Energy Foundation have delivered successful platforms of knowledge dissemination gathering who's who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally. To view the extensive list of participants click  below


See you at next conference GASIFICATION INDIA 2019




Registration Process


Register Online

To participate as DELEGATE / book EXPO / nominate for AWARDS fill and submit online form from the links below.


Receive Invoice

We will email you an invoice along with necessary required documents for processing the payment. The original invoice shall be sent to your postal address.


Make Payment

Make online payment via our secured payment gateway using your credit card or NEFT or send Cheque / DD to our postal address.

DELEGATE Registration

Indian Delegate:
INR 19500 Per Delegate + 18% GST

Overseas Delegate:
USD 450 Per Delegate

Group Discount
5% for 3+ participants
10% for 7+ participants


Indian Company:
INR 12500 Per Sq. Mtr. + 18% GST

Overseas Company:
USD 350 Per Sq. Mtr.

Space Discount
5% for 6+ Sq. Mtr
10% for 18+ Sq. Mtr

AWARD Nomination

Indian Company:
INR 24500 Per Categories + 18% GST

Overseas Company:
USD 650 Per Categories

Category Discount
5% for 2+ categories
10% for 5+ categories

SPEAKER Registration

Indian Speaker:
INR 29500 + 18% GST

Overseas Speaker:
USD 650