around 500 million tonne by 2031-32. The fly ash generation is expected to increase to 190 million tonne per year (2011-12), 300 million tonne per year (2016-17) and 700 million tonne per year (2031-32).

At present nearly 170 million tonnes of fly ash is being generated annually in India and more than 70000 acres of land is presently occupied by ash ponds.

On one hand, there is a challenge to use the balance un-utilized quantity of fly ash, which if left unattended would pollute the environment, on the other hand mining industry has a number of operational challenges to enhance the production to meet the increasing demand of power and steel sector.

180 billion tonnes of clay brick production per year consumes 540 million tonnes of clay, makes 65000 acres of land barren, and consumes 30 million tonnes of coal equivalent, generates 26 million tonnes of CO2. A 10% switchover to fly ash bricks will use 30 million tonnes of fly ash every year, save environment and coal and yield a benefit of 300 crores by way of reduction in brick cost production.

All out efforts are needed to utilize this fly ash not only from environmental considerations, but also to avoid land usage for fly ash dumping.
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3rd Annual International Summit FlyAsh Utilization: 2013 is organised by Mission Energy Foundation in support of & Fly Ash Association of India (faai), Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Power, Ministry Environment & Forest and Ministry of  Urban Development. From succession of our past summits on the important subject, this year it will focus on the science, application and sustainability of coal ash. It will also provide a platform for creating greater awareness about new technologies and innovations in the use of fly ash creating an effective forum for transfer of information and new ideas to benefit the innovative utilization, handling, storage and better utilisation of fly ash.

As per the projections made by Planning Commission as well as Ministry of Power upto 2031-32 indicate that 2/3rd of power generation in the country would continue to depend on coal. The annual generation of fly ash is expected to be around 175 million tonne by end of XIth Five Year Plan and
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