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Why you should attend:

This conference is to improve the CST/CSP status in India. We would like to address the current issues and road block which is stopping the CSP/ CST as compared to PV in India.  As you are aware Spain is growing and they are the world no.1 in terms of CSP is concerned and why it is not the same in India and how to make that kind of progress in India?

  • Reverse bidding for Solar and its impact
  • Selection of appropriate technology which meets the site requirements
  • Concentrated solar power development given the developments in regulation, policies and the various players approach.
  • Issues related to statutory clearances, approvals for the solar projects
  • Solar Experts availability to analyse, evaluate the solar projects in India
  • Financial analysis for solar Projects
  • Opportunities and challenges for Indian and Foreign Players - Solar Application
  • CSP/CST Technology Show case
  • New Developments and Road Map ahead
  • Testing and certification - long term HIGH ENERGY
  • Risk and opportunities in securing Financing and many more.....

These are some of the areas which will be covered

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