Mission Energy Foundation is a persistent, private, not-for-profit endeavour based in Mumbai, India.

We are a micro-enterprise initiative that strives to spread knowledge in the globalising energy sector. We educate and spread technology awareness through ongoing contacts and discussions with the public and industry concerning what the future of the growing energy sector should be.

The beginning: A single man army with its mission to build platforms of discussion, exchange knowledge among industry professionals on core issues pertaining to growing energy sector.
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Today: A human asset working together as one endeavour that expertise in organising and delivering successful international summits involving who's who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally.
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Fly Ash Association of India (FAAI) an initiative of Mission Energy Foundation, a national organisation representing coal fired power station, processing and consumer organisations from all States within India with the primary objectives to conduct research and technology transfer on behalf of members and to assist in developing market opportunities for coal combustion products (CCPs)

The Association to be recognised as an effective industry organisation, nationally and internationally, in representing the interests of its members in the further development and management of CCPs.
The Association's mission is to foster the increased utilisation of CCPs, through the promotion of the environmental, economic and technical advantages, to benefit members and the community as a whole.

For more understanding, kindly visit http://faai-india.org/
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