Summit Theme
“Vision 2020: National Option for Clean, Green and Sustainable Energy”

As you are aware, high petroleum prices, natural gas price volatility, increasing worldwide energy demand, in combination with concern over the potential effect of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants on the global climate, are influencing decision makers to consider gasification-based energy systems.  Gasification technology is the baseline technology to meet the demand for the clean production of electricity, fuels and chemicals.

Gasification technologies are increasingly being developed to provide environmentally clean and efficient power generation from a range of fuels such as coal, biomass and oil residues. In this context, they can be used in integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) systems, which have the potential to provide high efficiencies and low environmental emissions by combining gas- and steam-turbine power generation technologies. The only technology that will enable the deployment of clean, affordable energy systems that uses our Nation's abundant domestic feedstock to meet the growing energy needs of our vibrant economy.

Mission Energy Foundation, an independent not-for-profit organisation that strives in educating the public about coal gasification technology and ongoing contacts and discussions with the public and industry concerning what the future of coal gasification should be. Although in commercial use for more than 100 years, the technology has undergone a continuing evolution in order to meet today's energy needs and contribute to several vital national goals:

Clean power generation:
Coal fuels the majority of power generation capacity in India and many other areas of the world. With technology advances, future coal power systems will be dramatically cleaner and more efficient than plants based on older technologies.

Secure and reliable energy supplies:
Coal is an abundant domestic energy resource. At current rates of consumption, coal could meet the needs for more than 250 years. With new technologies, our nation can use this valuable resource while also meeting environmental protection goals.

Climate change:
On a global and national level, coal use accounts for a significant proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. Making coal power systems more efficient contributes to the national goal of reducing carbon intensity.

Toward a hydrogen economy:
Our large domestic coal resources offer a viable mid-term resource for producing the large quantities of hydrogen that will be required to meet our country's vision of hydrogen as India's clean energy choice.

With our expertise in organising & delivering successful international summits on the above technology; and in association with Abhijeet Group, we are glad to announce the 2nd Annual International Summit COAL GAS: 2011. The planned summit will strive to bring notice on improvements in gasification technologies that can help to provide a clean, stable, secure, affordable energy supply to meet the world's growing energy demands.

A comprehensive Advisory Board is being teamed up to deliver a high level of quality discussion on the theme “Vision 2020: National Option for Clean, Green and Sustainable Energy” during the three intensive days. The Advisory Board includes professionals from industry, universities and government bodies closely associated from the growing energy sector.

Click here for glimses of the Intenational Summit COAL GAS: 2010
VENUE: Auditorium, NDCC II Convention Centre, Parliament Street, New Delhi - 1 (OPPOSITE TO JANTAR MANTAR)