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India has achieved 165.94GW of renewable energy capacity till October 2022 and has set ambitious revised targets for renewable energies to 500 GW by 2030. India can successfully integrate 390GW of wind and solar generation by 2030, an increase of more than 40% above the current renewable energy trajectory, at a total system cost that is lower than that of the current trajectory. By making both electricity supply and electricity demand more flexible, India can achieve these higher levels of clean energy, creating a modern, low cost energy system, while reducing carbon emissions.

This requires a radical transformation of the energy system in India, as approximately 65 percent of existing installed capacity currently comes from thermal power generation. The increasing share of variable renewable energies will result in less operating hours as well as in flexible operation regimes of India's conventional mainly coal-fired – power plants. The Indian coal – which is the key source for the majority of coal-fired power plants in India – has some special properties which also have an influence on the flexible operation. While this is expected to lower carbon emissions and help meet the growing energy demand, the integration of renewables into the grid will be a big challenge. Renewable energy generation suffers from fluctuations, predictable and unpredictable, due to uncertainty in weather conditions. To accommodate such sharp variations in generation, there has to be a multi-pronged approach including cyclic operation of gas and hydro-based generation, use of existing pumped storage systems, development of pumped storage and battery storage, adoption of demand management measures and flexible operation of coal-based plants for the optimization of the entire power system.

The increased share of feed-in from fluctuating renewable energies – mainly wind and solar – results in complex challenges for the energy system. In addition to other options such as grid and demandside management, flexible conventional power generation plays a key role for ensuring adequate system stability. Therefore, existing coal-fired power plants need to adapt to a completely new operating regime.

On 30 January 2023, the Central Electricity Authority notified the Central Electricity Authority (Flexible Operation of Coal based Thermal Power Generating Units) Regulations, 2023. The provisions came into force from the date of notification.

Applicability: all coal based thermal power generating units owned or under control of the Central Government, State Government or owned by any private company, connected with the grid and to the load despatch centers.

Key Points: Units should be designed in a way that they comply with these regulations for the full range of ambient and environmental conditions prevailing at the site. These generating units should be capable of providing flexible operation as per the phasing plan specified by the Authority from time to time. Minimum power level of these generating units should be 40%. These generating units should have the ramp rate capability of minimum 3% per minute for their operation between 70% to 100% of maximum continuous power rating and should have ramp rate capability of minimum 2% per minute for their operation between 55% to 70% of maximum continuous power rating.

"A lot more literature about flexibilisation of thermal power plant exists around which is noteworthy. But it is more imperative to attend this important conference "Flexible Operation of Thermal Plants" to learn & discuss the technical challenges & understand latest notification in this current phase of Energy Transition & Decarbonisation"

Almost half of the coal-fired units have a capacity of more than 500 MW. Approximately one third accounts to units with a size of less than 250 MW. Two third of the installed coal base was commenced after 2003. Furthermore, the Indian plants are faced with new, stricter emission requirements. These requirements will result in massive retrofits of existing plants with DeNOx and DeSOx technologies.

Low minimum load requires coal treatment. Taking the Indian situation into account, the following aspects should be reflected for a more flexible operation of Indian power plants:


The standard design and set-up of Indian coalfired power plants entails some favorable configurations for flexible operation – e.g. they are equipped with a high number of mills, tilting burners and frequency-driven fans and actuators. Due to the coal quality it is unlikely that Indian power plants are able to reduce the minimum load below 25 percent without any additional coal treatment. Therefore, a concept for homogenization and enhancing coal quality should be developed. Such a concept could include washing, blending, coal cleaning at site as well as online coal analysis.


The flexibility potential by means of I&C adjustments is significant because the level of automated and advanced controls leave room for improvements. Especially with respect to a fast and ecient start-up, manual interventions should be reduced to a minimum. In order to enhance the dynamic behaviour of the plant and to positively contribute minimum load and cycling operation, advanced unit control concepts such as condensate throttling and throttling of the extraction steam for the HP pre-heater are very beneficial. This modification helps fulfilling the requirement of providing 5 percent frequency control power.


In order to ensure proper combustion control and thereby guaranteeing a reliable minimum load operation, proper flame detection– individually for each burner – is essential. The current hardware installed in many Indian power plants needs to be considered for potential replacement.


Flexible operation with cycling, part load and minimum load operation should be considered in the design of the flue gas equipment. The flue gas treatment needs to comply with environmental norms at all potential load conditions. Cycling load operation has an impact on DeNOx and DeSOx systems – e.g. pumping operation scheme and dosing control.

Low Minimum Load is the Most Important Flexibility Dimension:

Flexible power plant operation comprises three dimensions: low minimum load operation, short and efficient start-ups and shut-down and high ramp rates. Most measures for flexibility enhancement aim at low minimum load operation. This is very important for the provision of residual load and in times of low demand, it is more economic than shutting down the whole plant. The transformation from base-load to flexible operation is a change process that requires strong management and leadership, skilled employees and appropriate technology. There is no generic concept or single implementation plan for power plants, as each plant has its own specifics, technology requirements and site conditions. However, there are some actions and steps that need to be taken in order to tap the flexibility potential of a single plant.

The flexible operation of coal-fired power plants requires suitable technologies, skilled people and leadership with foresight. In addition, it needs to be recognized that this new operating regime implies a change process that can only be managed successfully with a holistic approach.

The Instrumentation and Control (I&C) system plays a crucial role for flexible operation. Plant status transparency, the availability of operating data, sophisticated data assessments and advanced controls are a prerequisite for operating a power plant with enhanced flexibility. Moreover, the I&C system is the link joining all aspects important for efficient plant operation. It should be in the focus of any flexibility project as the benefits and the cost effectiveness are unbeatable. With respect to further digitization, I&C optimization offers even more potential, by enabling efficiency and flexibility enhancements at the same time.

Flexible operation needs a holistic approach. The conference is designed to discuss strategies for a co-ordination amongst all the sources of generation and find a way out for the flexibilisation of the thermal power plants. Also, imphesise on regulatory interventions including revised tariff structure for the flexible operation of thermal power plants for deployment of this change process in existing power plants by addressing the following questions:

What procedures have proven successful for identifying and implementing flexibility measures?
What are the proven technical measures to adapt existing plants to flexible operation?
What are the consequences for the Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of the plant?
What are the requirements for the personnel? Which training are useful?
What are the tasks the plant management needs to address?

Who Should Participate?

Power Plants

  • Thermal Power Plants - Captive Power Plants - Independent Power Producers - State-Owned Gencos - Other Power Generators - Load Dispatch Centers

Govt. Organisations

  • Policymakers and Regulators - Pollution Control Boards - R&D Organisations - State Electricity Boards

Solution Providers

  • EPC Companies - Instrumentation & Monitoring Solution Providers - Power Plant O&M Providers - Technology Providers - Equipment Manufacturers (Boilers, Turbines, Controls, Auxiliary Systems, etc.) - Boiler Manufacturers

Consultants / Others

  • Engineering Consultants -Management Consultants - Energy Efficiency Consultants - Regulatory Agencies - Certification and Inspection Companies

History of Thermal Power O&M Conferences...

Past Participants...


If you are interested in speaking at the conference we are inviting you to put forward your presentation proposal for review by our international conference advisory board. Please note that not all submissions can be accepted but all will be considered ahead of the final submission deadline.

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Deadline For Paper Submission Friday, 28 April 2023

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S Dalvi

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EXPO - FLEX 2023

Throughout during the conference days, there will be a select number of leading solution providers who will discuss and advise on their latest products, solutions and services to a targeted number of senior level decision makers and technology-including regulatory affairs, financing structures and many more… Make sure you stay ahead of the competition and SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW!

You will benefit from multiple opportunities to talk with the clients and prospects you want to do business with and kick start your sales. All under one roof and all in just two days - saving you both time and money!

As exhibition space is strictly limited and is already booking fast! For booking of exhibition space, contact our representative right now!

Exhibiting at FLEX 2023 is a cost effective and invaluable tool to help deliver your technology, product, equipment and services to senior decision makers of your core target market and will help grow your business in following ways

ENFORCE your BRAND and promote your services to generate and customers bases interest
Meet senior level decision makers to EASE of doing BUSINESS
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Take advantage of a central point of contact from which to DEVELOP BUSINESS and raise your profile in this growing sector.
STRENGTHEN existing BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS and create profitable new leads as you interact with your core customer base.

Purnendu Kumar - Project Manager / +919819674246


Minimum Space
3x2 Sq. Mtr. 

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2 Delegate Passes for Residential Conference
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Shell Stand Structure
Indian Company:  INR 150000 + 18% GST
Overseas Company: USD 2500

Branded Stand Structure
Indian Company: INR 200000 + 18% GST
Overseas Company: USD 3250

Confirmed Exhibitors

Exhibition Enquiries

Purnendu Kumar

Project Manager
+91 9819 674 246

Expert Speakers

Ashok Kumar Panda
CEO - Prayagraj Power Limited

B C Mallick
Chief Engineer – CEA

Jose A. Martinez
CEO - ADEX (Spain)

Sumanta Basu
Hd Electrical & Automation – L&T MHI

M Karikalchozhan
AGM - NTPC Limited

Nishant Kumar Sharma, Sr. Manager Corporate Planning - NTPC Limited

Siddharth Arora
Associate Director (Clean Power) – Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation 

Shaskank Vyas
Consultant - Infosys

Time-Line AGENDA

Monday, 26 June 2023

09.00 Hrs - Registration & Welcome Tea
09.45 Hrs - Welcome Address 

Tuesday, 27 June 2023

09.30 Hrs - Registration & Welcome Tea

10:00 Hrs
Panel Discussion : Is Flexible Operation Important for TPPs & How will it Impact the Tariff?

• B C Mallik, Chief Engineer – CEA
• Jose A. Martinez, CEO – ADEX
• Anjan Kumar Sinha, Technical Director - Intertek
• Madan Gopal Gupta, Chief Operating Officer - Jaypee Group

10.00 Hrs
Panel Discussion: 
Challenges & Way Forward for Flexible Operations 

• Ashok Kumar Panda, CEO - Prayagraj Power
• Kamal Kishore Mundhada, Consultant (Ex NTPC & Steag)
• MKV Rama Rao, CTO - Jaypee Group 

11.30 Hrs 
Challenges and Learning from Flexibility Test Runs at TPPs

• B C Mallik, Chief Engineer – CEA
• B A Patel, Deputy Engineer & D J Prajapati, EE - GSECL
• Sri Birendra Kumar, Manager (M), Sri Prasant Kumar, Manager (C&I), & Sri Biswajit Kar, Dy. Manager (M) – DVC 
• Anjan Kumar Sinha, Technical Director - Intertek 

11.30 Hrs
Costs and the Need for Regulatory Intervention

• Kamal Kishore Mundhada, Consultant (Ex NTPC & Steag)
• Siddharth Arora, Associate Director (Clean Power) – Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
• Shaskank Vyas, Consultant - Infosys

14.00 Hrs
Solutions for Enabling Flexible Operation at TPPs

• C. Dolfers Joseph, DGM Corp R&D – BHEL
• SumantaBasu, Head of Electrical & Automation – L&T MHI
• Jose A. Martinez, CEO - ADEX
• Gaurav Sharma, Sales Director & Mohit Alamchandan, Engineering Manager (India & Global) - GE 

14.00 Hrs
Case Studies: Innovative Practices Adopted by TPPs

• Abhinav Bhardawaj, GM OND - Lalitpur Power
• Vikash Gupta, DGM – GIPCL
• Haresh Rathod, Joint General Manager – Essar Power
• Ghazunfer Ali Siddiqui, DGM - HMEL 

16.30 Hrs
Need for Flexibilisation: A paradigm Shift in TPP Operations

• M Karikalchozhan, AGM & Nishant Kumar Sharma, Sr. Manager Corporate Planning - NTPC Limited
• Ashok Kumar Panda, CEO - Prayagraj Power 

16.30 Hrs
Ceremony: Power Plant Performance Awards - 2023

Invited Guest: Tirthankar Goyal, Director (Energy) - AMCHAM

18.00 Hrs - End of Day 1

Followed by Networking over Cocktail & Snacks

17.30 Hrs - Closing Remarks

End of Conference

Power Plant Performance Awards - 2023

Power Plant Performance Awards has been developed with a view to accord recognition to utilities based on their all round performance by integrating the operational parameters like Peaking Plant Load Factor, Secondary Oil Consumption, Auxiliary Power Consumption and Station Heat Rate. Design station heat rate would be considered for evaluation.

Power Plant Performance Awards – 2023 in its present form is intended to foster the competitive spirit amongst various power stations so as to encourage them to improve performance in all spheres of their working. The Awards would also help in evolving benchmarks for various performance indices..

Award Categories - 2023

Power Plant Performer ≤ 500 MW – COAL

Power Plant Performer ≥ 500 MW – COAL

Power Plant Performer ≤ 500 MW – LIGNITE

Power Plant Performer ≥ 500 MW – LIGNITE

Power Plant Performer ≤ 500 MW – CCGT

Power Plant Performer ≥ 500 MW – CCGT

Power Plant Performer – COAL (CPP)

Power Plant Performer – CCGT (CPP)

Service Provider
– Technology

Service Provider
– O&M

Service Provider
– Design & Engg

Life Time Achievement Award

Submit Power Point Presentation in form of CASE STUDY showcasing the work done in the selected category of award nomination that have helped you to achieve better results to within 10 days of your nomination.

Important Dates

03 April 2023
1100 Hrs Nomination Opens

31 May 2023
1700 Hrs Nomination Closes

12 June 2023
Winners Shall Receive Official Intimation


The Winners of Power Stations Performance Awards - 2023 shall be honoured on the second day of the conference i.e., 27 June 2023.

Past Winners...

Online Registration

To participate as Delegates / nominate for AWARDS / be a Speaker / book a EXPO, fill and submit online form from the links below.

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3 Golden Accommodation Rules

Mentioned Residential fee is on Twin Share Room Basis at the conference venue
Residential participants shall be provided Twin Share Room for 2 nights
If a participant desires a Single Occupancy Room, then an additional amount of INR 15000 + 18% GST shall be charged on the respective registration fee


(EXPO Visitor is Complimentary)

Indian Delegate:
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Overseas Delegate:
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USD 750
USD 1000

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Flexible Operation of TPPs - 2023

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