Voyage for India’s Environmental Governance


24 – 25 August 2023, Hyatt Centric - New Delhi













India's only Expo on Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

CEMS - Voyage for India’s Environmental Governance

Following on from the successes and the tremendous feedback during seven previous held SOxNOx conferences, Mission Energy Foundation pleased to announce the eight edition as CEMS INDIA – 2023, scheduled on 24-25 August 2023 at Hyatt Centric - New Delhi. CEMS INDIA - 2023 shall primarily focuses to involve world’s technology & solution providers under a roof who dominates USD 800-900 million real-time monitoring systems market in India; bringing like-minded discussions during technical session & a gambit of networking opportunities at the parallel International B2B EXPO.

CEMS INDIA – 2023, will bring together experts from across India and worldwide to impart knowledge about pollution control technologies, plant operation optimisation and CEMS implementation. The conference aims to enable the Indian regulators, policymakers, and operators to deal with one of the critical environmental problems facing India – air pollution, especially from coal combustion in power plants – through improving performance, helping to meet tighter environmental norms, improving environmental compliance, and providing a framework for effective decision and policymaking. A must attend conference for stakeholders to empower with the necessary knowledge, skills and networking opportunity with the Indian government agencies along with solution & technology providers that will bring courage to take firm and appropriate action that will, within the next decade, result in improved environmental status, health benefits for the population, and demonstrably sustainable economic ambitions.

CEMS INDIA – 2023 is organised with its objective to provide guidelines, technical support, and practical solutions to help process operators meet environmental objectives. CEMS INDIA - 2023 will provide delegates and visitors with in-depth information on Indian regulation and policy, monitoring guidelines, calibration, and quality control. The conference will feature case study presentations on installation, procedures, and data capture from industry experts and regulators across the world. The parallel international B2B EXPO will showcase domestic and international CEM, CAAQMS and CEQMS equipment manufacturers and suppliers who will be able to demonstrate and give technical advice on the latest products and services.


50+ Exhibitors

The exhibition is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company in front of a highly targeted audience looking to invest in CEMS technology.


Over 50 companies are participating in the exhibition and entry to the exhibit hall is free. Register below and get your free exhibition pass.

2 Day Technical Conference

10 technical sessions, over 25 expert speakers and more than 150 conference attendees


- Power Sector at a Glance -

India’s journey to ensure cleaner power for its growing needs entails a complex balancing act, recognising the existing role of coal-based power while addressing its environmental consequences. The immediate and pressing goals of getting coal-fired power plants to comply with tighter emissions limits and to implement effective real-time pollution monitoring are proving to be very difficult to achieve.

India’s total installed generating capacity is almost 400 GW, with 59% from fossil fuel and 41% from renewable and nuclear. Coal-based power is the largest single energy source, accounting for some 51% of capacity. In terms of actual generation, coal produces 75% of the annual total (1400 billion kWh currently). This power generation consumes over 700 million tones of coal per year, representing over 88% of India’s total coal consumption and around 90% of domestic production. The journey towards renewable that India has started – from 40 GW of renewable capacity in 2020 to 100 GW in 2022 and the target of 400 GW by 2030 – is extremely ambitious. However, coal-based power is expected to remain an important energy source for decades. Increased electricity demand in India is inevitable as it continues rapid economic development and that coal-based power will constitute a significant part of total generating capacity for some time, even as the country increases its renewable capacity. This means improving the existing coal-fired power sector is more urgent – through improved efficiency, tighter environmental controls, and better pollution monitoring and reporting.

Despite its reliance on coal, India’s annual GHG emissions are 2 tones/capita, compared with over 7.3 tones for China and 15.5 tones for the USA. But the size of the population means that India is the third-largest total emitter, contributing 7% to total GHG emissions, after China’s 28% and the USA’s 14%. But India’s shift from coal-based power will not be rapid, due to the sheer scale of the challenge, the large share of coal in the energy mix, the lack of available alternatives, the long lead times, and the investment needed. Improving the existing coal-fired power sector is more urgent – through improved efficiency, tighter environmental controls, and better pollution monitoring and reporting.

The History – KNOWN TO ALL...

In 2015 Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MOEFCC) notified limits were introduced for SO2, NOx and mercury emissions for the first time and the existing PM emission limit was tightened. Power plants were expected to comply with the new norms by applying suitable measures, such as ESP upgrade, FGD installation, SNCR, SCR and/or combustion modifications for NOx control, with the combined effects of these measures acting to reduce mercury emissions, with a two-year time frame for compliance.

It also pushed the 2017 compliance deadline to 2022. This issue was raised in the Supreme Court of India, seeking a direction from the government to follow previous deadlines. The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA), a Supreme-Court- appointed committee for pollution control in the Delhi-National Capital Region (dissolved in April 2021), also recommended earlier implementation of the new norms – PM and NOx standards by 2018-19 and the SO2 limit by 2020, without any relaxation.

In July 2018, the Supreme Court of India rebuked the MOEFCC for its inability to enforce compliance with the 2015 standards. The MOEFCC, the MOP, and the CEA asked the Supreme Court for a further extension, to December 2024, pointing to the inability of power plants to allocate the required capital and operating expenditures within the previous time frame, as well as the lack of available space, water, and necessary raw materials. The Supreme Court granted a five-year extension of the deadline to December 2022.

In January 2019, India’s National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) announced a reduction target of 20% for PM2.5 and 30% for PM10 in ambient air by 2024 relative to 2017 as the base year, with the contribution of the coal-fired power sector, thanks to the new limits, expected to be significant. Unfortunately, this was not to be, and the new norms did not help.

In January 2021, the MOP proposed a stepwise FGD implementation schedule (to MOEFCC), with priority given to the power plants in the low ambient air quality areas, highlighting considerations such as shortages of equipment available on the market, increasing imports instead of indigenous manufacturing, the price burden on utilities and consumers, and possible loss of opportunities to develop national resources and foster Indian skilled manpower. This stepwise FGD implementation timetable based on the categorisation of power plants was adopted in 2021, pushing the compliance deadline from December 2022 to December 2025. The deadline for compliance with the new limits of December 2025 remains in force.

Unfortunately, the lack of consultation, planning and timely follow- up by the government dealt a severe blow to this initiative and, as the deadline approached, the new rules became embroiled in rounds of debate and delaying and derailing tactics by the industry lobby – so much so that the new norms have yet to be widely implemented.  New norms: Dragged, Diluted, Delayed. Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems at coal-fired power plants in India can only assist in bringing about these improvements. Accurate and reliable emissions data for each coal-fired plant is therefore of the utmost importance and, here, correct implementation of real-time pollution monitoring is needed, in place of manipulated, or estimated data, as a basis for sound policymaking and the taking of appropriate corrective actions. 

Real-time monitoring, which has been practiced in the USA and EU over the last 40-50 years, has proven its ability to deliver such advantages as credibility, accuracy, timely control, improved process optimisation and self- monitoring benefits; unfortunately, is yet to be properly realised in India. Even though almost all the coal-fired power plants have installed CEMS, only half of them were sending regular data to the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) and SPCBs (State Pollution Control Boards) and the data quality was low. Most of the non-reporting (despite a minimum 85% data reporting requirement) is attributable to CEMS not being in use, CEMS being out of order or under maintenance, plant under maintenance and connectivity problems. Though the non-reporting plants regularly receive notifications from the system and intermittent enquiries from the regulators, the absence of legal enforcement does not encourage plants to abide by the regulations.

A deep-dive uncovered some fundamental challenges: missing quality assurance and quality control systems; missing third party testing and quality control provisions; inherent implementation challenges in the plants; and lack of required skills and knowledge. A lack of transparency has been another barrier to obtaining the full benefits of real-time monitoring in India. Low confidence in the data compels both the CPCB and respective SPCBs to find excuses and seek various ways to evade making data available to the public. The lack of public scrutiny has not helped and has kept the government from using the CEMS data for checking legal compliance. Only a very few SPCBs have made efforts to publish the CEMS data. The majority remains reluctant. 

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History of Events...



India is one of the world's fastest growing economies. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India has taken an important step to adopt Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) in India. The CPCB has initially directed plants in 17 categories of highly polluting industries to install CEMS for real time monitoring and compliance. The guidelines for continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) and continuous effluent quality monitoring systems (CEQMS) provide information on how suitable monitors are selected, installed and operated in order to demonstrate compliance. Continuous monitoring systems enable both compliance and enforcement of environmental regulations in India. Similar systems have been successful in Europe and the USA, and are being replicated by India and China. The aim of the CEMS INDIA - 2023  conference and exhibition is to help process operators meet environmental objectives by providing guidelines, technical support and practicable solutions.


Pollution monitoring regulations and practices, Manual stack monitoring, technological innovations and experiences, Guidelines for continuous emission, water and effluent quality monitoring, Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Particulate, Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Combustion gases including NOx, SO2, CO and CO2, Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Trace species for metals, mercury and dioxins, Monitoring Techniques and their suitability: Water and effluent quality parameters, Quality assurance regulations and practices for continuous emission and effluent quality monitoring system, Calibration and operation and maintenance of continuous emission, water and effluent quality monitors, Real-time data collection, handling, interpretation and utilisation, Industry case studies on pollution monitoring


The main industries that have been targeted for CEMS - 2023 include Cement, Fertilizers, Iron& Steel, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Pesticides, Power Plants, pulp and paper mills, sugar industry. The Parameters for continuous monitoring include, Particulate matter, Fluoride, Ammonia, Sulphur Dioxide, NOx , Chlorine, HCL and Carbon Monoxide.

Independent & Captive Power Plant’s Senior Management officials from departments like Power Plant Operation - Power Plant Maintenance - Power Plant Environment Management -Renovation & Modernization - Erection & Commissioning - Power Plant Design & Engineering - Commercial Management
Officials from Power Plant Technology Providers - Power Plant Solution Providers - Policy Makers or Regulators – Independent Consultants - And Many others
And all those involved in Thermal Power Generation, power plant design & engineering, operation & maintenance, renovation & modernization, erection & commissioning, environment management, commercial management, technology provider, product and solution providers, policy makers, regulators and others.

2 Day Focused Technical Sessions

The CEMS INDIA - 2023 Conference and Exhibition serves as a platform to inform end-users and process operators about the various instruments and services available for monitoring emissions. The event aims to offer guidance on how to select, install, and operate suitable monitors to meet regulatory compliance and emission targets. Visitors to the event will come from all process industries and will look to network with exhibitors to purchase monitoring solutions and seek information on after-sales service, technical support, and instrument advice.

The CEMS INDIA - 2023 Conference and Exhibition aims to help process operators meet environmental objectives by providing guidelines, technical support, and practical solutions. The event will cover topics such as pollution monitoring regulations and practices, manual stack monitoring, technological innovations and experiences, guidelines for continuous emission, Air Quality systems and instruments, data collection and analysis, water and effluent quality monitoring, monitoring techniques and their suitability.

CEMS INDIA - 2023 Conference and Exhibition is excited to bring together exhibitors, delegates, and visitors from all process industries to network and explore the latest monitoring solutions and technologies. The event is set to be a huge success, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and practical solutions for meeting environmental objectives and compliance requirements.


We are accepting any relevant proposals that may involve, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Continuous AAQ monitor (CAAQMS): proven technology, operation and maintenance
Emission Trading Programmes: scope and experiences around the world
Gaseous CEMS: technology suitability, operation and maintenance including NOx, SO2, CO and CO2
Guidelines for continuous emission, water and effluent quality monitoring
Industry Case studies on current monitoring solutions
Manual pollution monitoring, technological innovations and experiences
PM CEMS: technology suitability, operation and maintenance
Pollution monitoring regulations and practices
Quality assurance and quality Control (QA/AC) systems for CEMS and CEQMS
Real-time data acquisition and use for compliance check
Technology, operation and maintenance of monitors for trace pollutant species (metals, mercury and dioxins etc.)
Water and effluent quality monitors (CEQMS): technology suitability, operation and maintenance


If you are interested in speaking at the CEMS INDIA - 2023 conference we are inviting you to put forward your presentation proposal for review by our international conference advisory board. Please note that not all submissions can be accepted but all will be considered ahead of the final submission deadline.

Janvion Rodrigues
Chief Production
+91 9992 830 831

Deadline For Paper Submission Tuesday, 30 May 2023

AGENDA shall be announced soon...


Our aim is to deliver you an event that exceeds your expectations, thus becoming an integrated part of your annual marketing program.

Sponsoring CEMS INDIA- 2023 will make your company stand out as a leader in this burgeoning industry and will leave a strong impression of your brand in key decision makers minds. Sponsors have an incredible amount of presence and it will not only give your company optimum exposure but also the opportunity for delegates to meet you and your executives to find out more about your role and business opportunities in the sector.


Gain PUBLICITY with our advertising and promotional campaigns
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NETWORKING with the industries leading Government Officials, Senior Level Delegates and Experts
Achieve GREATER EXPOSURE and BRAND BUILDING through our partners and much more

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Showcase Your Company to Thousands of Sales Leads Looking for the Latest CEMS Solutions

Throughout during the conference days, there will be a select number of leading solution providers who will discuss and advise on their latest products, solutions and services to a targeted number of senior level decision makers and technology-including regulatory affairs, financing structures and many more… Make sure you stay ahead of the competition and SECURE YOUR PLACE NOW!

You will benefit from multiple opportunities to talk with the clients and prospects you want to do business with and kick start your sales. All under one roof and all in just two days - saving you both time and money!

As exhibition space is strictly limited and is already booking fast! For booking of exhibition space, contact our representative right now!

Exhibiting at CEMS INDIA - 2023 is a cost effective and invaluable tool to help deliver your technology, product, equipment and services to senior decision makers of your core target market and will help grow your business in following ways

ENFORCE your BRAND and promote your services to generate and customers bases interest
Meet senior level decision makers to EASE of doing BUSINESS
Make new contacts and BUILD lasting RELATIONSHIPS
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Take advantage of a central point of contact from which to DEVELOP BUSINESS and raise your profile in this growing sector.
STRENGTHEN existing BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS and create profitable new leads as you interact with your core customer base.

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Promote Your Products 

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Meet Buyers From a Wide Range of Industries

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S Dalvi
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Purnendu Kumar
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Janvion Rodrigues
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The Organisation
Mission Energy Foundation is a persistent, private, not-for-profit endeavour based in Mumbai, India. We are registered under sec 25 (1), 80G & 12AA respectively.

The Begining

A single man army with its mission to build platforms of discussion, exchange knowledge among industry professionals on core issues pertaining to growing energy sector.


Mission Energy Foundation is a micro-enterprise initiative that strives to spread knowledge in the globalising energy sector. We educate and spread technology awareness through ongoing contacts and discussions with the public and industry concerning what the future of the growing energy sector should be...

A human asset working together as one endeavour that expertise in organising and delivering successful international summits involving who's who from Entrepreneurs to Academicians to Government Authorities to Technology Providers to Consultants to Industry Professionals from the growing energy sector globally.

Venue: CEMS INDIA - 2023

Hyatt Centric - Janakpuri, New Delhi
Janakpuri District Center, Janakpuri
New Delhi - 110058
+91 011 4612 1234

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